Ezekiel 19
A mother’s sons
1You, raise a lament for Israel’s princes. 2Say:
What a lioness among lionesses was your mother!
She bedded down among the strong young lions and reared her cubs.
3She singled out one of her cubs and he became a strong young lion;
he learned to tear flesh and devour humans.
4When the nations heard about him, they caught him in their trap
and carried him with hooks to the land of Egypt.
5When she realized that she waited in vain, her hope faded.
So she took another of her cubs and set him up as a strong young lion.
6He went on the prowl with the other lions and became a strong young lion.
He learned to tear flesh and devour humans;
7he ravaged#19.7 Or knew their widows and laid waste to their cities.
When the earth and everything in it became horrified by the sound of his raging,
8the nations from the surrounding regions allied against him.
They cast their nets over him and caught him in their trap.
9They put a collar on him and brought him with hooks.
They brought him with nets to the king of Babylon
so that his voice would no longer be heard on the mountains of Israel.
The proud mother
10Your mother was like a vine in a vineyard#19.10 Or in your blood planted beside the waters;
she bore lush fruit and foliage because of the plentiful water,
11and she produced mighty branches, fit for rulers’ scepters.
She grew tall, and her crown went up between the clouds.
Because of her height and thick growth, she became conspicuous.
12So she was struck down in anger,
thrown down to the ground.
The east wind dried her out and destroyed her fruit;
it sapped the branch of its strength,
and fire consumed it.
13So now she is planted in the desert,
in a parched and thirsty land,
14and fire has gone out from her branch and consumed her foliage and fruit,
leaving her no strong branch
or ruler’s scepter.
This is a lamentation, and it will serve as a lamentation.
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