Yehoshua (Joshua) 15
1And the lot of the tribe of the children of Yehuḏah for their clans was to the border of Eḏom, the Wilderness of Tsin southward in the extreme south.
2And their southern border began at the edge of the Salt Sea, from the bay that faces southward.
3And it went out to the southern side of the Ascent of Aqrabbim, passed over to Tsin, and went up on the south side of Qaḏĕsh Barnĕa, and passed over to Ḥetsron, went up to Aḏar, and went around to Qarqa,
4and passed over to Atsmon, and went out to the wadi of Mitsrayim, and the border ended at the sea. This is your southern border.
5And the east border was the Salt Sea as far as the end of the Yardĕn. And the border on the northern quarter began at the bay of the sea at the end of the Yardĕn.
6And the border went up to Bĕyth Ḥoḡlah and passed over north of Bĕyth Araḇah. And the border went up to the stone of Bohan son of Re’uḇĕn.
7And the border went up toward Deḇir from the Valley of Aḵor, and it turned northward toward Gilgal, which is before the Ascent of Aḏummim, which is south of the wadi. And the border passed over to the waters of Ěn Shemesh and ended at Ěn Roḡĕl.
8And the border went up by the Valley of the Son of Hinnom to the southern slope of the Yeḇusite city, that is Yerushalayim. And the border went up to the top of the mountain that lies before the Valley of Hinnom westward, which is at the end of the Valley of Repha’im northward.
9And the border went around from the top of the hill to the fountain of the water of Nephtowaḥ, and went up to the cities of Mount Ephron. And the border went around to Ba‛alah, that is Qiryath Ye‛arim.
10And the border turned around from Ba‛alah westward to Mount Sĕ‛ir, and passed over to the side of Mount Ye‛arim on the north, that is Kesalon, and went down to Bĕyth Shemesh, and passed over to Timnah.
11And the border went out to the side of Eqron northward. And the border went around to Shikkeron, and passed over to Mount Ba‛alah, and went out to Yaḇne’ĕl. And the border ended at the sea.
12And the west border was the coastline of the Great Sea. This is the boundary of the children of Yehuḏah all around for their clans.
13And to Kalĕḇ son of Yephunneh he gave a portion in the midst of the children of Yehuḏah, according to the mouth of יהוה to Yehoshua: Qiryath Arba, that is Ḥeḇron – Arba was the father of Anaq.
14And Kalĕḇ drove out the three sons of Anaq from there: Shĕshai, and Aḥiman, and Talmai, the children of Anaq.
15And he went up from there to the inhabitants of Deḇir, and the name of Deḇir formerly was Qiryath Sĕpher.
16And Kalĕḇ said, “He who strikes Qiryath Sĕpher and shall capture it, to him I shall give Aḵsah my daughter as wife.”
17And Othni’ĕl son of Qenaz, the brother of Kalĕḇ, did capture it, so he gave him Aḵsah his daughter as wife.
18And it came to be, when she came to him, that she persuaded him to ask her father for a field. And when she got off from the donkey, Kalĕḇ said to her, “What is the matter?”
19And she said, “Give me a blessing. Since you have given me land in the South, give me also fountains of water.” And he gave her the upper fountains and the lower fountains.
20This was the inheritance of the tribe of the children of Yehuḏah for their clans:
21And the cities at the furthest border of the tribe of the children of Yehuḏah, toward the border of Eḏom in the South, were Qaḇtse’ĕl, and Ěḏer, and Yaḡur,
22and Qinah, and Dimonah, and Aḏaḏah,
23and Qeḏesh, and Ḥatsor, and Yithnan,
24Ziph, and Telem, and Be‛aloth,
25and Ḥatsor, Ḥaḏattah, and Qeriyoth, Ḥetsron, that is Ḥatsor,
26Amam, and Shema, and Molaḏah,
27and Ḥatsar Gaddah, and Ḥeshmon, and Bĕyth Pelet,
28and Ḥatsar Shu‛al, and Be’ĕrsheḇa, and Bizyothyah,
29Ba‛alah, and Iyim, and Etsem,
30and Eltolaḏ, and Kesil, and Ḥormah,
31and Tsiqlaḡ, and Maḏmannah, and Sansannah,
32and Leḇa’oth, and Shilḥim, and Ayin, and Rimmon. All the cities were twenty-nine, with their villages.
33In the low country: Eshta’ol, and Tsor‛ah, and Ashnah,
34and Zanowaḥ, and Ěn Gannim, Tappuwaḥ and Ěnam,
35Yarmuth and Aḏullam, Soḵoh and Azĕqah,
36and Sha‛arayim, and Aḏithayim, and Geḏĕrah, and Geḏĕrothayim – fourteen cities with their villages.
37Tsenan, and Ḥaḏashah, and Miḡdal Gaḏ,
38and Dil‛an, and Mitspeh, and Yoqthe’ĕl,
39Laḵish, and Botsqath, and Eḡlon,
40and Kabbon, and Laḥmam, and Kithlish,
41and Geḏĕroth, Bĕyth Daḡon, and Na‛amah, and Maqqĕḏah – sixteen cities with their villages.
42Liḇnah, and Ether, and Ashan,
43and Yiphtaḥ, and Ashnah, and Netsiḇ,
44and Qe‛ilah, and Aḵziḇ, and Marĕshah – nine cities with their villages.
45Eqron with its towns and its villages,
46from Eqron to the sea, all that were by the side of Ashdoḏ, with their villages.
47Ashdoḏ, its towns and its villages; Azzah, its towns and its villages; as far as the wadi of Mitsrayim and the Great Sea with its coastline.
48And in the mountain country: Shamur, and Yattir, and Soḵoh,
49and Dannah, and Qiryath Sannah, that is Deḇir,
50and Anaḇ, and Eshtemoh, and Anim,
51and Goshen, and Ḥolon, and Giloh – eleven cities with their villages.
52Araḇ, and Dumah, and Esh‛an,
53and Yanim, and Bĕyth Tappuwaḥ, and Aphĕqah,
54and Ḥumtah, and Qiryath Arba, that is Ḥeḇron, and Tsi‛or – nine cities with their villages.
55Ma‛on, Karmel, and Ziph, and Yutah,
56and Yizre‛ĕl, and Yoqḏe‛am, and Zanowaḥ,
57Qayin, Giḇ‛ah, and Timnah – ten cities with their villages.
58Ḥalḥul, Bĕyth Tsur, and Geḏor,
59and Ma‛arath, and Bĕyth Anoth, and Elteqon – six cities with their villages.
60Qiryath Ba‛al, that is Qiryath Ye‛arim, and Rabbah – two cities with their villages.
61In the wilderness: Bĕyth Araḇah, Middin, and Seḵaḵah,
62and Niḇshan, and the City of Salt, and Ěn Geḏi – six cities with their villages.
63As for the Yeḇusites, the inhabitants of Yerushalayim, the children of Yehuḏah were unable to drive them out, so the Yeḇusites have dwelt with the children of Yehuḏah at Yerushalayim to this day.

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