Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 30
1The word that came to Yirmeyahu from יהוה, saying,
2“Thus spoke יהוה Elohim of Yisra’ĕl, saying, ‘Write in a book for yourself all the words that I have spoken to you.
3For look, the days are coming,’ declares יהוה, ‘when I shall turn back the captivity of My people Yisra’ĕl and Yehuḏah,’ declares יהוה, ‘and I shall bring them back to the land that I gave to their fathers, and let them possess it.’ ”
4And these are the words יהוה spoke concerning Yisra’ĕl and Yehuḏah.
5“For this is what יהוה said, ‘We have heard a voice of trembling, of fear, and not of peace.
6Ask now, and see if a man is giving birth. Why do I see every man with his hands on his loins like a woman in labour, and all faces turned pale?
7Oh! For great is that day, there is none like it. And it is the time of Ya‛aqoḇ’s distress, but he shall be saved out of it.
8And it shall be in that day,’ declares יהוה of hosts, ‘that I break his yoke from your neck, and tear off your bonds, and foreigners no more enslave them.
9And they shall serve יהוה their Elohim and Dawiḏ their sovereign, whom I raise up for them.
10And you, do not fear, O Ya‛aqoḇ My servant,’ declares יהוה, ‘nor be discouraged, O Yisra’ĕl. For look, I am saving you from afar, and your seed from the land of their captivity. And Ya‛aqoḇ shall return, and have rest and be at ease, with no one to trouble him.
11For I am with you,’ declares יהוה, ‘to save you. Though I make a complete end of all nations#See Jer. 46:28; Isa. 34:2; Isa. 45:17; Dan. 2:44; Amos 9:8; Hagg. 2:22 where I have scattered you, yet I do not make a complete end of you. But I shall reprove you in judgment, and by no means leave you unpunished.’
12“For thus said יהוה, ‘Your breach is incurable, your wound is grievous.
13No one pleads your cause, to bind up. There are no healing medicines for you.
14All those loving you have forgotten you, they do not seek you. For I struck you as an enemy strikes, with cruel chastisement, because your crookedness is great, your sins have increased.
15Why do you cry about your breach? Your pain is incurable. Because of your many crookednesses, because your sins have increased, I have done this to you.
16However, all those who devour you shall be devoured. And all your adversaries, every one of them, shall go into captivity. And those who exploit you shall be exploited, and all who prey upon you I shall make a prey.
17For I restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,’ declares יהוה, ‘for they have called you an outcast saying, “This is Tsiyon, no one is seeking her.” ’
18“Thus said יהוה, ‘See, I turn back the captivity of Ya‛aqoḇ’s tents, and have compassion on his dwelling places. And the city shall be built upon its own mound, and the palace stand on its right place.
19And out of them shall arise thanksgiving and the voice of those who are laughing. And I shall increase them, and they shall not diminish. And I shall esteem them, and they shall not be small.
20And his children shall be as before, and his congregation shall be established before Me. And I shall punish all who oppress them.
21And his Prince shall be from him, and his Ruler shall come from among him. And I shall bring him near, and he shall approach Me, for who is this who pledged his heart to approach Me?’ declares יהוה.
22And you shall be My people, and I shall be your Elohim.’ ”
23See, the storm of יהוה shall go forth in a rage, a whirling storm! It bursts upon the head of the wrong.
24The burning displeasure of יהוה shall not turn back until He has done and established the purposes of His heart. In the latter days you shall understand it.#See Jer. 23:20

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