Yeshayah (Isaiah) 15
1The message concerning Mo’aḇ. Because in the night Ar of Mo’aḇ was laid waste, was silenced! Because in the night Qir of Mo’aḇ was laid waste, was silenced!
2He has gone up to the house and Diḇon, to the high places to weep. Mo’aḇ is wailing over Neḇo and over Mĕyḏeḇa; on all their heads is baldness, and every beard is cut off.
3In their streets they shall put on sackcloth; on the tops of their houses and in their streets everyone wails, weeping bitterly.
4And Ḥeshbon and El‛alĕh cry out, their voice shall be heard as far as Yahats. Therefore the armed ones of Mo’aḇ shout; his being shall tremble within him.
5My own heart is toward Mo’aḇ; her fugitives cry unto Tso‛ar, like a three-year-old heifer. For by the ascent of Luḥith they go up with weeping; for in the way of Ḥoronayim they raise a cry of destruction.
6For the waters of Nimrim are wastes, for the green grass has withered away; the grass fails, there is no greenness.
7Therefore the wealth, acquired and stored up, they take away to the wadi of the Willows.
8For the cry has gone all around the borders of Mo’aḇ, its wailing to Eḡlayim and its wailing to Be’ĕr Ělim.
9“For the waters of Dimon shall be filled with blood; for I shall bring more upon Dimon, lions upon him who escapes from Mo’aḇ, and on the remnant of the land.”

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