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Isaiah 31

1Wo unto them that go down to Egypt for help,
And fix their stay on horses;
And rely on chariots, because they are many;
And on horsemen, because they are very strong;
But look not unto the Holy One of Israel,
And resort not to Jehovah.
2Yet He also is wise, and will bring evil;
And He will not set aside his word:
But will arise against the house of evil-doers;
And against the help of them that work iniquity.
3Now the Egyptians are men, and not God;
And their horses are flesh, and not spirit:
And Jehovah shall stretch forth his hand;
And the helper shall stumble, and the holpen shall fall down;
And they all shall fail together.
4For thus hath Jehovah said unto me:
Like as a lion growleth,
Even the young lion, over his prey:
When a multitude of shepherds is called forth against him,
He will not be terrified at their voice,
Nor will he be humbled at their tumult:
So shall Jehovah of hosts descend to fight
For mount Zion; and for the hill thereof.
5As birds hover over their young,
So shall Jehovah of hosts protect Jerusalem;
Protecting and delivering, sparing and rescuing her.
6Return unto him, from whom ye have deeply revolted,
O ye sons of Israel!
7Surely, in that day shall they cast away with contempt,
Every man his idols of silver, and his idols of gold;
Which your own hands have made unto you for sin.
8And the Assyrian shall fall by a sword not of man;
Yea a sword not of mortal shall devour him:
And he shall flee from the face of the sword,
And his choice youths shall become tributaries.
9And for terror he shall pass by his strong hold,
And his princes shall be dismayed at the standard:
Saith Jehovah, who hath his fire in Zion,
And his furnace at Jerusalem.

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