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Isaiah 15

Surely in a destructive night shall Ar of Moab be cut off;
Surely in a destructive night shall Kir of Moab be cut off.
2He goeth up to Bajith and to Debon, the high places, to weep:
Over Nebo, and over Medeba, shall Moab howl:
On every head there is baldness; every beard is shorn.
3In their streets they gird themselves with sackcloth;
On their house-tops, and in their main-streets,
Every one shrieketh, melting into tears.
4And Heshbon crieth out, and Elealeh;
Unto Jahaz is their voice heard:
Therefore do the warriors of Moab wail;
Their soul shuddereth within them.
5My heart crieth out for Moab,
Her fugitives wander even unto Zoar,
Unto Eglath-Schalischiia;
Yea the ascent of Luhith with weeping shall they ascend;
Yea in the way of Horonaim shall they raise a cry of destruction.
6For the waters of Nimrim shall become desolate:
For the pasture is withered, the tender plant faileth, the green herb is no more.
7Therefore the remnant which they possess,
And that which they have laid up;
Shall they carry off to the valley of willows.
8For the cry is gone round about the borders of Moab;
Unto Eglaim her lamentation;
And to Beer-Elim her lamentation.
9Yea the waters of Dimon are full of blood:
Yet will I bring more evils upon Dimon;
Upon them of Moab that shall have escaped a lion,
And upon the remnant of the land.

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