Psalms 86
(A prayer by David.)
A prayer for help
1Please listen, LORD,
and answer my prayer!
I am poor and helpless.
2Protect me and save me
because you are my God.
I am your faithful servant,
and I trust you.
3Be kind to me!
I pray to you all day.
4Make my heart glad!
I serve you,
and my prayer is sincere.
5You willingly forgive,
and your love is always there
for those who pray to you.
6Please listen, LORD!
Answer my prayer for help.
7When I am in trouble, I pray,
knowing you will listen.
8No other gods are like you;
only you work miracles.
9You created each nation,#Rev 15.4.
and they will all bow down
to worship and honour you.
10You perform great wonders
because you alone are God.
11Teach me to follow you,
and I will obey your truth.
Always keep me faithful.
12With all my heart I thank you.
I praise you, LORD God.
13Your love for me is so great
that you protected me
from death and the grave.
14Proud and violent enemies,
who don't care about you,
have ganged up to attack
and kill me.
15But you, the Lord God,
are kind and merciful.
You don't easily get angry,
and your love
can always be trusted.
16I serve you, LORD,
and I am the child
of one of your servants.
Look on me with kindness.
Make me strong and save me.
17Show that you approve of me!
Then my hateful enemies
will feel like fools,
because you have helped
and comforted me.