Psalms 85
(A psalm by the people of Korah for the music leader.)
A prayer for peace
1Our LORD, you have blessed
your land
and made all go well
for Jacob's descendants.
2You have forgiven the sin
and taken away the guilt
of your people.
3Your fierce anger is no longer
aimed at us.
4Our LORD and our God,
you save us!
Please bring us back home
and don't be angry.
5Will you always be angry
with us and our families?
6Won't you give us fresh life
and let your people be glad
because of you?
7Show us your love
and save us!
8I will listen to you, LORD God,
because you promise peace
to those who are faithful
and no longer foolish.
9You are ready to rescue
everyone who worships you,
so that you will live with us
in all your glory.
10Love and loyalty
will come together;
goodness and peace
will unite.
11Loyalty will sprout
from the ground;
justice will look down
from the sky above.
12Our LORD, you will bless us;
our land will produce
wonderful crops.
13Justice will march in front,
making a path
for you to follow.