Ecclesiastes About this book
About this book
This book is a search for meaning in life. What can humans do to find satisfaction and happiness? What is worthwhile in life? The search begins with a gloomy outlook—life is boring and as senseless as chasing the wind.
Ecclesiastes looks at one area of life after another, to see whether meaning and purpose for living can be found. The book decides that humans cannot understand the meaning of life, and that life is too short and unfair. This may seem depressing, but Ecclesiastes also shows that some things in life are better than others. For example, it is better to be wise than to be foolish. And God does intend people to enjoy his gifts of work, food, drink, friendship, and marriage. And most important of all:
Respect and obey God!
This is what life
is all about.
God will judge
everything we do,
even what is done in secret,
whether good or bad.
A quick look at this book
1. The search for meaning in life (1.1—2.26)
2. Everything has its time (3.1-8)
3. Life isn't always fair, so live wisely (3.9—6.12)
4. No one knows what the future will bring (9.1—11.6)
5. Respect and obey God (11.7—12.14)