Psalms 86
1 The prayer of David. Lord, bow down thine ear, and hear me; for I am needy and poor.
2Keep thou my life, for I am holy; my God, make thou safe thy servant hoping in thee.
3Lord, have thou mercy on me, for I cried all day to thee;
4make thou glad the soul of thy servant; for why, Lord, I have raised my soul to thee.
5For thou, Lord, art sweet and mild; and of much mercy to all men inwardly calling thee.
6Lord, perceive thou my prayer with ears; and give thou attention to the voice of my beseeching.
7In the day of my tribulation I cried to thee; for thou heardest me.
8Lord, none among gods is like thee; and none is even to thy works.
9Lord, all folks, whichever thou madest, shall come, and worship before thee; and they shall glorify thy name.
10For thou art full great, and making marvels; thou art God alone.
11Lord, lead thou me forth in thy way, and I shall enter in thy truth; mine heart be glad, that it dread thy name.
12My Lord God, I shall acknowledge to thee in all mine heart; and I shall glorify thy name without end.
13For thy mercy is great on me; and thou deliveredest my soul from the lower hell.
14God, wicked men have risen upon me; and the synagogue of mighty men have sought my life; and they have not set forth thee in their sight.
15And thou, Lord God, doing mercy, and merciful; patient, and of much mercy, and soothfast.
16Behold on me, and have mercy on me, give thou the empire to thy servant; and make thou safe the son of thine handmaid.
17Make thou with me a sign in good, that they see, that hate me, and be ashamed; for thou, Lord, hast helped or holpen me, and hast comforted me.

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