Matthew 27
1It came to pass in the morning all the chief priests and elders took counsel against Yeshua [God is Salvation] that they should surely put him to death.
2They led him bound to the house of Pontius Pilate [armed with a spear] who was the governor.
3When Y’hudah [praised] K’riot [cities] saw that he had been condemned, he began to turn in repentance. He returned the thirty dinars to the high priest and to the elders of the people.
4He said: ‘I have sinned because I have shed innocent blood’. But they said to him: ‘What is that to us? You see to it’.
5He threw the coins into the temple, went and took a rope and hanged himself.
6When the chief priests received the coins they said: ‘It is not possible for us to place these coins in the temple because they are the fruit of blood since they were given for the blood of Yeshua [God is Salvation].
7So they took counsel and gave them for a field of a certain potter of clay, that they might bury strangers there.
8Therefore that field is called the tent of blood unto this day.
9Then was fulfilled the word of Zechariah the prophet: “And I said to them: ‘If it is good in your eyes, make out my wages, but if not, refrain (restrain; refrein from acting). So they weighed for my wages thirty pieces of silver’. And Yehovah [Messiah Pre-Incarnate] said unto me: “Cast it into the treasury, the goodly price that, that one, was valued by them’”. And I took the thirty pieces of silver, and cast them into the treasury, in the house of Yehovah [Messiah Pre-Incarnate]”.
10And they gave them for the potter’s field as Yehovah [Messiah Pre-Incarnate] had commanded.
11Yeshua [God is Salvation] was standing before Pilate [armed with a spear] who asked him: ‘Are You the King of the Yehudim [praise]?’ Yeshua [God is Salvation] said: “You say it.”
12When Yeshua [God is Salvation] was harassed by the chief priests and elders of the people in regard to some word which they spoke against him, he did not reply.
13Pilate [armed with a spear] said to Him: ‘Do You not see how much testimony there is against you?’
14But Yeshua [God is Salvation] did not answer him a word and Pilate [armed with a spear] was exceedingly amazed by this.
15On the day of the honored feast of Pesakh (Seder), it was their custom for the governor of the city to give to the people one of the prisoners whom they wished.
16Pilate [armed with a spear] had a prisoner who was almost crazy: his name was Bar-Abba [son of a father]. Taken in a case of murder, he had placed him in the dungeon.
17When they were gathered together Pilate [armed with a spear] said to them, ‘Which of these do you wish that I should release, Bar-Abba [son of a father], or Yeshua [God is Salvation] who is called Moshiach [Messiah]?’
18This was because Pilate [armed with a spear] knew that due to hatred without cause he had been taken.
19While he was sitting on the throne, his wife sent to him a messenger, saying: ‘I implore you that in no matter should you speak a word against this righteous man because in this night I have suffered many things in a vision because of Him.’
20The chief priests and the elders of the law assembled the people that they might ask for Bar-Abba [son of a father] and that Yeshua [God is Salvation] might die.
21Pilate [armed with a spear] answered them: ‘Which of them do you wish that we should release.?’ They said: ‘Bar-Abba [son of a father].’
22Pilate [armed with a spear] said to them, ‘If so, what shall I do with Yeshua [God is Salvation] who is called Moshiach [Messiah]?’ All of them answered that he should be crucified.
23Pilate [armed with a spear] said to them: ‘What evil has He done?’ Then they vigorously cried out: ‘let them crucify him’, ‘let them crucify him’, ‘let them crucify him’.
24Pilate [armed with a spear], when he saw that he had no power of resistance, and was unable to make any peace with them, before a great dispute among the people might arise because of this, took water and washed his hands before the people and said: ‘I am innocent of this man’s blood. Be careful what you do.’
25All the people answered and said: ‘His blood will be upon us and upon our seed’
26Then he released Bar-Abba [son of a father] to them, and delivered to them Yeshua [God is Salvation] for beating and affliction and that they might crucify him.
27Then the horsemen of the court took Yeshua [God is Salvation] under guard and came together before a great company of many people.
28They clothed Yeshua [God is Salvation] with silk garments and covered him with a greenish silk robe.
29The made a crown of thorns, and placed it on His head, and set a reed in his right hand and were bowing down mocking him: ‘Shalom be upon you King of the Yehudim [praise].’
30They spat in His face, and took the reed and struck his head.
31When they had deceived Him much, they stripped the robe from him, dressed him in his own clothes, and gave orders to crucify Him.
32As they were going out from the city, they met a man whose name was Shim’on [he has heard] the Kenani [merchant]. The compelled him to carry the beam.
33They came to a place called Gulgolta,
34and gave Him wine mixed with gall (something bitter or poisonous). But when he began to drink it he perceived what it was and would not drink it.
35When they placed him on the beam they divided his garments by lot.
37Afterward they set above His head a writing which said: “THIS IS YESHUA [GOD IS SALVATION] OF NATZERET [SEPARATED] THE KING OF Y’SRA’EL.”
38Then two robbers were crucified with Him, one on his right and one on his left.
39Those who were passing by deceived him and shook their heads
40saying, ‘See, how you would lay waste the temple of The Mighty One and yet rebuild it in three days, save yourself. If you are the Son of The Mighty One, come down from the beam.’
41The chief priests and the elders of the people deceived him saying:
42‘He saved others; he cannot save Himself. If he is the King of Y’sra’el [he who holds onto the heal of God]; let Him come down from the tree, and we will believe’.
43‘Since he trusted in The Mighty One; let Him save him now if He wishes, because he said, he is the Son of The Mighty One’.
44The robbers who had been crucified with Him said to him these very same words.
45At the sixth hour, darkness came in all the world and it remained until the ninth hour.
46Yeshua [God is Salvation] cried with a loud voice saying, in the holy language: “ELI, ELI, LAMA SABACHTHANI?” [My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me!?]
47One of those standing there said: ‘This one is calling for Eliyahu [my God is Yah].’
48Immediately he took spongy-bread, filled it with vinegar and gave it to him to drink.
49Others were saying ‘We will see if Eliyahu [my God is Yah] will come and deliver him.’
50Yeshua [God is Salvation] cried another time in a loud voice, and sent his Spirit [Ruach] to his Father.
51Immediately the curtain of the temple was torn into two pieces from the top downward; the earth shook and the rocks were broken.
52The graves were opened and many of those asleep in the dust arose.
53They came out of their graves and after the resurrection they entered the holy city and were revealed to many.
54The captain of the hundred and those who were with him watching Yeshua [God is Salvation] saw the earthquake and the things which were done and were very afraid saying: ‘Truly this was the Son of The Mighty One’.
55Many women from among those who served Yeshua [God is Salvation] from Galil [circuit] until that time were standing there at a distance.
56Among them were Miryam [waters f strength] Magdala [a tower], Miryam [waters of strength] the mother of Ya’akov [He who grabs onto the heal of] and Yosef [he will add], and the mother of the sons of Zavdai [Yah has bestowed].
57At evening time, a rich man from Ramatayim [heights] came. His name was Yosef [he will add], and he was a disciple of Yeshua [God is Salvation].
58He came to Pilate [armed with a spear] and asked him for the body of Yeshua [God is Salvation]. Pilate [armed with a spear] commanded that they should give it to him.
59Yosef [he will add] took it and wrapped it in a very fine silk garment.
60He placed him in his own tomb, which had been freshly cut from stone and placed a large stone over the entrance of the tomb.
61And Miryam [waters of strength] Magdala [a tower] was there, and the other Miryam [waters of strength], sitting opposite the grave.
62On the morning of the Pesakh (Seder) the chief priests and the P’rushim (Pharisees) [separatists] came to Pilate [armed with a spear].
63They said to him: ‘Sir, we remember that this liar said while still alive that at the end of three days he would come to life and arise’.
64‘Therefore, command his tomb to be guarded until the third day, since perhaps one of his disciples might come and steal him. Afterwards they might say to the people that he arose from death. If they should do this the last perversion will be greater than the first.’
65Pilate [armed with a spear] said to them: ‘Search out guards and guard it as well as you can.’
66So they completed the structure of the tomb, sealed it and placed a guard there.

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