Isaiah 43
1But now thus says the Lord-Yehōvah (Messiah Pre-Incarnate) that created youi, O Ya’akov [Heal of God], and he that formed youi, O Yisra’el [He Holds Onto The Heel Of God], Fear not: for I have redeemed youi, I have called [youi] by youri name; youi [are] mine.
2When youi pass through the waters, I [will be] with youi; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow youi: when youi walk through the fire, youi shall not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon youi.
3For I [am] the Lord-Yehōvah (Messiah Pre-Incarnate) youri God-Elōhīm (The Living Word) [The Many Powered], the Holy One of Yisra’el [He Holds Onto The Heel Of God], youi Saviour: I gave Mitzrayim [Egypt - The Narrow Place] [for] youri ransom, Ethiopia [Kush] and S’va [drink you] for youi.
4Since youi were precious in my sight, youi have been honourable, and I have loved youi: therefore will I give men for youi, and people for youri life.
5Fear not: for I [am] with youi: I will bring youri seed from the east, and gather youi from the west;
6I will say to the north, Give up; and to the south, Keep not back: bring my sons from far, and my daughters from the ends of the earth;
7 [Even] everyone that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yes, I have made him.
8Bring forth the blind people that have eyes, and the deaf that have ears.
9Let all the nations be gathered together, and let the people be assembled: who among them can declare this, and show us former things? let them bring forth their witnesses, that they may be justified: or let them hear, and say, [It is] truth.
10You2f [are] my witnesses, says the Lord-Yehōvah (Messiah Pre-Incarnate), and my servant whom I have chosen: that you2f may know and believe me, and understand that I [am] he: before me there was no God-Elōhīm (The Living Word) [The Many Powered] formed, neither shall there be after me.
11I, [even] I, [am] the Lord-Yehōvah (Messiah Pre-Incarnate); and beside me [there is] no saviour.
12I have declared, and have saved, and I have showed, when [there was] no strange [god] among you: therefore you2f [are] my witnesses, says the Lord-Yehōvah (Messiah Pre-Incarnate), that I [am] God-Elōhīm (The Living Word) [The Many Powered].
13Yes, before the day [was] I [am] he; and [there is] none that can deliver out of my hand: I will work, and who shall reverse it?
14Thus says the Lord-Yehōvah (Messiah Pre-Incarnate), your redeemer, the Holy One of Yisra’el [He Holds Onto The Heel Of God]; For your sake I have sent to Bavel (to jumble, or a confused medley of sounds; confusion; gate of the deity) (Babylon) [confusion], and have brought down all their nobles, and the Kasdim [clod-breakers], whose cry [is] in the ships.
15I [am] the Lord-Yehōvah (Messiah Pre-Incarnate), your Holy One, the creator of Yisra’el [He Holds Onto The Heel Of God], your King.
16Thus says the Lord-Yehōvah (Messiah Pre-Incarnate), which makes a way in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters;
17Which brings forth the chariot and horse, the army and the power; they shall lie down together, they shall not rise: they are extinct, they are quenched as tinder.
18Remember you2f not the former things, neither consider the things of old.
19Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall you2f not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, [and] rivers in the desert.
20The beast of the field shall honour me, the dragons and the owls: because I give waters in the wilderness, [and] rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen.
21This people have I formed for myself; they shall show forth my praise.
22But youi have not called upon me, O Ya’akov [Heal of God]; but youi have been weary of me, O Yisra’el [He Holds Onto The Heel Of God].
23youi have not brought me the small cattle of youri burnt offerings; neither have youi honoured me with youri sacrifices. I have not caused youi to serve with an offering, nor wearied youi with incense.
24youi have bought me no sweet cane with money, neither have youi filled me with the fat of youri sacrifices: but youi have made me to serve with youri sins, youi have wearied me with youri iniquities.
25I, [even] I, [am] he that blots out youri transgressions for my own sake, and will not remember youri sins.
26Put me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare youi, that youi may be justified.
27Your1s first father has sinned, and youri teachers have transgressed against me.
28Therefore I have profaned the princes of the sanctuary, and have given Ya’akov [Heal of God] to the curse, and Yisra’el [He Holds Onto The Heel Of God] to reproaches.

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