Psalms 11
Psalm 11
This is a song that David wrote, for the music leader.
Trust the Lord to keep you safe
1I have run to the Lord to keep me safe.
So do not say this to me:
‘Fly away like a bird to the hills! #11:1 David asks his friends why they are telling him to run away from his enemies. David is trusting God to keep him safe.
2See what the wicked people are doing!
They are preparing their bows and arrows.
They are hiding in dark places
to shoot their arrows at good people.
3When wicked people have destroyed the foundations,
what can righteous people do?’
4The Lord is in his holy temple.
He rules from his throne in heaven.
He carefully watches what people are doing.
He knows about each person.
5The Lord watches both good people and wicked people.
Good people please him,
but he hates wicked people and cruel people.
6He will send hot coal and sulphur
to fall like rain on wicked people.
A dangerous wind is the punishment that they deserve.
7The Lord always does what is right.
He loves people to do good things.
Those who do what is right will know that God loves them.