Luke 4
Chapter 4
The Devil tries to make Jesus do wrong things
1Then Jesus returned from the river Jordan. He was full of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit led him into the wilderness. 2He stayed there for 40 days and he did not eat anything. During this time the Devil tried to cause Jesus to do wrong things. At the end of 40 days, Jesus was very hungry.#4:2 The Devil is an angel that refused to obey God. He also tries to cause people to do bad things. Jesus was starting to do the work that God sent him to do.
3The Devil said to Jesus, ‘If you are the Son of God, speak to this stone. Tell it to become bread.’
4‘No!’ Jesus replied, ‘The Bible says that food alone cannot cause people to live.’ #4:4 The Devil knew that Jesus was very hungry, so he gave him the idea to make stones into food. Jesus knew that he had power to do anything. But he wanted only to obey God. He could make stones into food. But that was not what God wanted. Our bodies are not the most important part of us. Jesus came to give us food for our spirits. That part of us is more important. Jesus knew what God said in his book. And he answered the Devil with words from Deuteronomy 8:3.
5After that, the Devil led Jesus up to a high place. In one moment, he showed Jesus all the countries in the whole world. 6He said to Jesus, ‘I will let you rule the whole world. I will give you power over all these things. That power all belongs to me. So, I can give it to anyone that I choose. 7Just go down on your knees and worship me. Then I will give you power over the whole world.’
8‘No!’ Jesus replied, ‘The Bible says,
“Only worship your Lord God.
He is the only one that you should obey.” ’ #4:8 Jesus was speaking the words in Deuteronomy 6:13. #4:8 The Devil was telling Jesus that his work could be easier. He would let Jesus rule the world now, if he would obey him. Jesus knew that this was wrong. He knew that he must obey only God.
9The Devil now took Jesus to Jerusalem. He took him to stand on the highest part of God's Great House. Then he said to Jesus, ‘If you are the Son of God, jump down from here to the ground. 10You know that the Bible says:
“God will tell his angels to keep you safe.”
11“They will hold you safely in their hands.
They will not let you hurt your foot on a stone.” ’ #4:11 The Devil was using the words from Psalms 91:11-12. But he was not using them in a right way.
12‘No!’ Jesus replied. ‘The Bible says,
“Do not do a foolish thing to see if your Lord God will save you.” ’ #4:12 Jesus was speaking words from Deuteronomy 6:16. He was standing on the highest part of God's Great House. This was 600 metres (2,000 feet) above the ground. He knew that God did not want him to jump. We must not get into danger just to see God save us.
13The Devil tried to make Jesus do many wrong things like that. When he had finished this, he left Jesus alone for a time.
Jesus goes to Nazareth
14Then Jesus returned to Galilee. The Holy Spirit continued to give him power. Everyone who lived near there heard the news about him. 15He taught people in the Jewish meeting places. Everyone said good things about him. #4:15 Jews used their meeting places to pray together and to learn more about God.
16Jesus went to Nazareth, the town where he had grown up. On the Jewish day for rest, he went to their meeting place. #4:16 The Jewish day for rest is our Saturday. This was a special day for them, when nobody worked. This was what he usually did. He stood up to read aloud from the Bible. #4:16 The Bible that the Jews read was the Old Testament. They wrote it on long pieces of paper or the skin of an animal. Each long piece had a piece of wood at each end. They rolled the paper round the wood. This was called a scroll. They would undo a small part when someone wanted to read from it.
17They gave him the book of messages that God had given to his prophet Isaiah. Jesus opened the book. He found the place where Isaiah wrote:
18‘The Spirit from the Lord God is on me.
He has chosen me to tell good news to poor people.
He has sent me to tell people who are in prison, “You can go free!”
I must say to people that cannot see, “See again!”
I must cause people that are like slaves to become free.
19I must tell everyone, “This is the year when God will be kind to his people.” ’ #4:19 Jesus read the words from Isaiah 61:1-2, but he changed them a bit.
20When Jesus had read this to the people, he closed the book. He gave it back to an officer of the meeting place. Then he sat down to teach the people. Everyone in the meeting place was looking carefully at him.
21Jesus said to them, ‘Today this message has become true. It has happened while you were listening.’
22Everyone was talking about Jesus. They were surprised at the good way in which he spoke. They said to each other, ‘He is really only the son of Joseph. Isn't that true?’
23Jesus then said to them, ‘Now you will tell me the proverb, “Doctor, make yourself well!” You will also say, “We have heard that you did many surprising things in Capernaum. This is your home town, so do the same things here!” 24I tell you this, people do not accept a prophet of God who comes from their own town.
25What I tell you is true. There were many widows in the country of Israel when Elijah was alive. At that time, it did not rain for three and a half years. So people were very hungry in all the country. 26But God did not send Elijah to help a widow in Israel. Instead, God sent Elijah to the country called Sidon. There he helped a widow in a place called Zarephath. #4:26 We can read about this widow in 1 Kings 17:7-24. A widow is a woman whose husband has died.
27Here is another example: When God's prophet Elisha was alive, there were many people in Israel with a bad illness of the skin. But God did not make any of them well. Instead, he made a man well who was from the country called Syria. That man was called Naaman.’ #4:27 We can read about Naaman in 2 Kings 5.
28The people in the meeting place heard what Jesus said. They became very angry. 29They stood up and they made him leave the town. They took him to the top of the hill where the town was. They wanted to throw him over the edge to the bottom. 30But Jesus walked through the middle of the crowd and he went away. #4:30 Jesus told the people in the meeting place about himself. But they did not like the things that he was saying. They refused to believe that God had sent him.
Jesus causes a bad spirit to leave a man
31Jesus went to a town in Galilee called Capernaum. On the Jewish day for rest, he taught the people there. 32The people were very surprised at the things that Jesus taught them. He spoke with authority. 33In the meeting place was a sick man. He had a spirit of a bad demon that was living inside him. The spirit caused the man to shout loudly. 34He said, ‘Jesus from Nazareth, leave us alone! Do not destroy us! I know who you are. You are God's Holy One!’
35Jesus said to the spirit, ‘Be quiet! Come out of the man!’ Then the bad spirit caused the man to fall to the ground in front of the people. It came out of the man but it did not hurt him.
36All the people were very surprised and they said to each other, ‘Listen to what this man says! He has power and authority. He tells bad spirits to come out of people, and they come out.’ 37So, they began to tell everyone about Jesus. Because of this, people in all the places near Capernaum heard the news about Jesus.
Jesus makes many people well
38Jesus then left the meeting place and he went to Simon's home. The mother of Simon's wife was ill and her body was very hot. So, they asked Jesus to make her well. 39Jesus came and he stood near her. He told the illness to go away and immediately she was well again. She got up and she prepared food for her visitors.
40When the sun was going down, people in the town brought to Jesus all those people who were ill. They had many different kinds of illness. Jesus put his hands on each ill person and they became well again.
41Also, bad spirits came out of many people. They were shouting, ‘You are the Son of God.’ The spirits knew that Jesus was the Messiah. Because of this, Jesus stopped them. He would not let them speak.
42Early the next morning, Jesus went to a place where he could be alone. The people went to look for him. When they found him they said, ‘Do not leave us! Please stay here with us.’ 43Jesus replied, ‘I must go to other towns to tell everyone the good news. I will tell them how God rules in the lives of his people. That is what God sent me to do.’
44Then he travelled to many towns in the country called Judea. He went into the Jewish meeting places and taught people there.