Genesis 33
Chapter 33
Jacob meets Esau
1Jacob looked up. He saw Esau with 400 men coming towards him. So, he separated his children into groups. Some went with Leah, some with his 2 female servants and Joseph went with Rachel. 2He put his female servants and their children at the front of the group. Then came Leah and her children. But Jacob put Rachel and Joseph at the back of the group. 3Jacob went in front of the group. He bowed down to the ground. He did this 7 times as he came close to his brother Esau.
4But Esau ran to meet Jacob. And he hugged him. He hugged Jacob's neck. And Esau kissed him. And they both wept.
5Then Esau looked up. He saw the women and children. He asked ‘Who are these people with you?’ Jacob replied, ‘They are the children that God has given to me.’ 6Then the female servants and their children came to Esau. As they came close to him, they bowed down. 7Then Leah and her children came and bowed down in front of Esau. Last of all, Joseph and Rachel came and bowed down to Esau. 8Esau asked ‘Why did you send all those animals in front of you?’ Jacob replied, ‘So that you would be happy to see me, my lord.’ 9But Esau said, ‘Keep your animals for yourself my brother. I have enough of my own.’ 10But Jacob replied ‘No! If you are happy to see me, accept these as a gift from me. I was afraid to see you. I was as afraid as if I could see the face of God. But I have seen you. And I did not die. 11Please accept the gift that I brought to you. Accept it because God has given me many good things. And I have everything that I need.’ So, Esau accepted the gifts because Jacob wanted him to.
12Then Esau said, ‘Let us go on our way. I will go with you.’ 13But Jacob said, ‘My lord, the children are young. And many of the animals have young ones. If we go too far in a day, then the animals will die. 14So my lord should go in front of me. I will move along slowly with the animals and children. I will come to you my lord, in Seir.’
15Esau said, ‘Then let me leave some of my men with you.’ But Jacob replied ‘You do not have to do that. All I want is for you to be happy with me.’ #33:15 Jacob was not going to go to Seir.
16So Esau began his journey back to Seir. 17But Jacob went to Succoth. He built a hut for himself. And he made places for his animals to sleep. That is why they called the place Succoth. #33:17 Succoth means huts. Jacob probably stayed there for some time.
18After Jacob left Paddan Aram he arrived at the city of Shechem. This is in Canaan. He put up his tent near the city. 19He bought the piece of ground where he put up his tents. He bought it from the sons of Hamor, the father of Shechem. He paid 400 pieces of silver for the land. 20Jacob built an altar there. And he called the altar El Elohe Israel.