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Psalms 118

Glorious Thanksgiving
A praise psalm # 118 This is the psalm or hymn that Jesus likely sang after the Passover supper with his disciples, before making his way to Gethsemane and Calvary.
1Keep on giving your thanks to God, for he is so good!
His constant, tender love lasts forever!
2Let all his princely people sing,
“His constant, tender love lasts forever!”
3Let all his holy priests sing,
“His constant, tender love lasts forever!”
4Let all his lovers who bow low before him sing,
“His constant, tender love lasts forever!”
5Out of my deep anguish and pain I prayed,
and God, you helped me as a father.
You came to my rescue and broke open the way
into a beautiful and broad place.
6Now I know, Lord, that you are for me,
and I will never fear what man can do to me.
7For you stand beside me as my hero who rescues me.
I’ve seen with my own eyes the defeat of my enemies.
I’ve triumphed over them all!
8Lord, it is so much better to trust in you to save me
than to put my confidence in someone else.
9Yes, it is so much better to trust in the Lord to save me
than to put my confidence in celebrities.
10Once I was hemmed in and surrounded by those
who don’t love you.
But by Yahweh’s supernatural power I overcame them all!
11-12Yes, they surrounded me,
like a swarm of killer bees swirling around me.
I was trapped like one trapped by a raging fire;
I was surrounded with no way out and at the point of collapse.
But by Yahweh’s supernatural power, I overcame them all!
13They pushed me right up to the edge, and I was ready to fall,
but you helped me to triumph, and together we overcame them all.
14Lord, you are my true strength and my glory-song,
my champion, my Savior!
15The joyful songs I now sing will be sung again
in the hearts and homes of all your devoted lovers.
My loud shouts of victory will echo throughout the land. # 118:15 Or “in the tents of the righteous.”
For Yahweh’s right hand conquers valiantly!
16The right hand of Yahweh exalts!
The right hand of Yahweh will never fail.
17You will not let them kill me,
but I will live to tell the world what the Lord has done for me.
18Yes, the Lord punished me as I deserved,
but he’ll never give me over to death.
19Swing wide, you gates of righteousness, and let me pass through,
and I will enter into God’s presence to worship only him.
20I have found the gateway to God,
the pathway to his presence for all his devoted lovers.
21I will offer all my loving praise to you,
and I thank you so much for answering my prayer
and bringing me salvation!
22The very stone the masons rejected as flawed
has turned out to be the most important capstone of the arch, # 118:22 The words “capstone of the arch” can also be translated “head of the corner.”
holding up the very house of God.
23The Lord himself is the one who has done this,
and it’s so amazing, so marvelous to see!
24This is the very day of the Lord that brings
gladness and joy, filling our hearts with glee.
25O God, please come and save us again;
bring us your breakthrough-victory!
26Blessed is this one who comes to us, the sent one of the Lord.
And from within the temple we cry, “We bless you!”
27-28For the Lord our God has brought us his glory-light.
I offer him my life in joyous sacrifice.
Tied tightly to your altar, I will bring you praise.
For you are the God of my life and I lift you high,
exalting you to the highest place.
29So let’s keep on giving our thanks to God, for he is so good!
His constant, tender love lasts forever!

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