Psalms 116

Psalms 116

I’m Saved
1I am passionately in love with God because he listens to me.
He hears my prayers and answers them.
2As long as I live I’ll keep praying to him,
for he stoops down to listen to my heart’s cry.
3Death once stared me in the face,
and I was close to slipping into its dark shadows.
I was terrified and overcome with sorrow.
4I cried out to the Lord, “God, come and save me!”
5He was so kind, so gracious to me.
Because of his passion toward me,
he made everything right and he restored me.
6So I’ve learned from my experience
that God protects the vulnerable.
For I was broken and brought low,
but he answered me and came to my rescue!
7Now I can say to myself and to all,
“Relax and rest, be confident and serene,
for the Lord rewards fully those who simply trust in him.”
8God has rescued my soul from death’s fear
and dried my eyes of many tears.
He’s kept my feet firmly on his path
9and strengthened me so that I may please him # 116:9 As translated from the Septuagint.
and walk before Yahweh in his fields of life.
10-11Even when it seems I’m surrounded
by many liars and my own fears,
and though I’m hurting in my suffering and trauma,
I still stay faithful to God and speak words of faith.
12So now, what can I ever give back to God
to repay him for the blessings he’s poured out on me?
13I will lift up his cup of salvation and praise him extravagantly
for all that he’s done for me.
14I will fulfill the promise I made to God
in the presence of his gathered people.
15When one of God’s holy lovers dies,
it is costly to the Lord, touching his heart.
16Lord, because I am your loving servant,
you have broken open my life and freed me from my chains.
17Now I’ll worship you passionately and bring to you
my sacrifice of praise, drenched with thanksgiving!
18I’ll keep my promise to you, God,
in the presence of your gathered people, just like I said I would.
19I will worship you here in your living presence,
in the temple in Jerusalem.
I will worship and sing hallelujah, for I praise you, Lord!
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