Proverbs 13

Proverbs 13

Living Wisely
1A wise son or daughter desires a father’s discipline,
but the know-it-all never listens to correction.
2The words of the wise are kind and easy to swallow,
but the unbeliever just wants to pick a fight and argue.
3Guard your words and you’ll guard your life,
but if you don’t control your tongue,
it will ruin everything.
4The slacker wants it all and ends up with nothing,
but the hard worker ends up with all that he longed for.
5Lovers of God hate what is phony and false,
but the wicked are full of shame and behave shamefully.
6Righteousness is like a shield of protection,
guarding those who keep their integrity,
but sin is the downfall of the wicked.
7One pretends to be rich but is poor.
Another pretends to be poor but is quite rich.
8The self-assurance of the rich is their money,
but people don’t kidnap and extort the poor!
9The virtues of God’s lovers shine brightly in the darkness,
but the flickering lamp of the ungodly will be extinguished.
10Wisdom opens your heart to receive wise counsel,
but pride closes your ears to advice
and gives birth to only quarrels and strife.
11Wealth quickly gained is quickly wasted—
easy come, easy go!
But if you gradually gain wealth,
you will watch it grow.
12When hope’s dream seems to drag on and on,
the delay can be depressing.
But when at last your dream comes true,
life’s sweetness will satisfy your soul.
13Despise the word, will you?
Then you’ll pay the price and it won’t be pretty!
But the one who honors the Father’s holy instructions
will be rewarded.
14When the lovers of God teach you truth,
a fountain of life opens up within you,
and their wise instruction will deliver you from the ways of death.
15Everyone admires a wise, sensible person,
but the treacherous walk on the path of ruin.
16Everything a wise and shrewd man does
comes from a source of revelation-knowledge,
but the behavior of a fool puts foolishness on parade!
17An undependable messenger causes a lot of trouble,
but the trustworthy and wise messengers
release healing wherever they go.
18Poverty and disgrace come to the one
who refuses to hear criticism.
But the one who is easy to correct is on the path of honor.
19When God fulfills your longings,
sweetness fills your soul.
But the wicked refuse to turn from darkness
to see their desires come to pass.
20If you want to grow in wisdom,
spend time with the wise.
Walk with the wicked
and you’ll eventually become just like them.
21Calamity chases the sin-chaser,
but prosperity pursues the God-lover.
22The benevolent man leaves an inheritance
that endures to his children’s children,
but the wealth of the wicked is treasured up for the righteous.
23The lovers of God will live a long life and get to enjoy their wealth,
but the ungodly will suddenly perish.
24If you withhold correction and punishment from your children,
you demonstrate a lack of true love.
So prove your love and be prompt to punish them.
25The lovers of God will have more than enough,
but the wicked will always lack what they crave.

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