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Isaiah 57

Israel’s Idolatry
1The godly perish,
but no one seems to notice.
The faithful ones are taken away,
and no one understands.
It is because of evil
that they are preserved from calamity,
2and the godly ones enter into peace,
resting serenely upon their death beds.
3“But you—come here, you son of a sorceress!
You’re nothing but an offspring
of an adulteress and a prostitute. # 57:3 This is a vivid picture of those who practice idolatry. See James 4:4.
4Who do you think you’re mocking?
At whom do you sneer and stick out your tongue?
Why, you’re a rebellious child, the offspring of liars!
5You burn with lust for other gods
among the oak groves and under every green tree.
You sacrifice your own children in the caves # 57:5 See 2 Chron. 28:3; 33:6.
near the bed of a stream.
6From there you take smooth stones
and worship them as idols.
Yes, they become your idols!
You bring them grain offerings
and pour out wine as drink offerings.
Do you think I will not seek vengeance for this?
7On a high hill, you practice ritual sex # 57:7 Or “On high you set up your bed.”
and go up to the lofty place to offer sacrifice.
8Hidden inside your front doors
you have set up your obscene idols. # 57:8 Or “[phallic] symbols.”
Forsaking me, you went up
and uncovered yourself
and climbed into your wide bed.
You made covenant with them for yourselves,
you slept with them, and you gazed upon their nakedness.
9You journeyed to the king # 57:9 Or “to [the Canaanite god] Molech.” with oil
along with many perfumes.
You sent your envoys to exotic lands,
even down to the underworld. # 57:9 Or “to Sheol.”
10Though all your wanderings wearied you,
you never said, ‘I give up.’
Your strength was renewed
so that you did not faint.
11“Why were you so afraid of them that you told lies
and did not remember me or even care what I thought?
Is it because I have been patient and long silent
that you no longer fear me?
12I will denounce your presumed ‘righteousness’
and your ‘good works,’
so don’t trust in your idols to help you.
13Let’s see if your pantheon of idols can save you when you cry out!
They will be blown away by the wind; # 57:13 Or “spirit.”
merely a breath will carry them off!
But whoever makes me a hiding place
will possess the land and inherit my holy mountain.” # 57:13 That is, Mount Zion. The believer today inherits the kingdom of God, the Zion-realm. See Ps. 37:9, 11; 69:35–36; Isa. 49:8; Matt. 5:5; Heb. 12:22.
A Promise of Revival and Healing
14Yahweh says, “Let the people return to me.
Build! Build up the road, clear the way, and get it ready!
Remove every obstacle from their path.”
15For this is what the high and majestic one says,
the one who fills the eternal realm with glory, # 57:15 The Hebrew word shakan (related to shekinah) means “to dwell or settle.” The implication is that God inhabits eternity, filling it with his glory.
whose name is Holy:
“I dwell in high and holy places
but also with the bruised and lowly in spirit,
those who are humble and quick to repent.
I dwell with them to revive the spirit of the humble,
to revive the heart of those who are broken over their sin.
16You will not find me continually accusing them # 57:16 Or “continually striving with them.”
or holding anger against them,
lest they feel defeated and lose heart before me.
For I am the One who gave the breath of life to my people.
17It was their sin and greed that made me angry,
so I struck them and hid my face from them.
But they continued in rebellion, following their own desires.
18Even though I’ve seen their ways, I will heal them. # 57:18 This is the same Hebrew word found in Isa. 53:5. See Hos. 6:1–3.
I will guide them forward and repay them with comfort,
giving mourners the language of praise. # 57:18 It is possible to see in this verse the progression of the worshiper from the outer court (healing), forward into the Holy Place, until he is drenched with God’s comforting presence in the Holy of Holies, where he releases his language of praise.
19I offer peace to those who are far from me,
and I offer peace to those who are near, # 57:19 See Eph. 2:11–22.
and I will heal their deepest wounds,” says Yahweh.
20“But the wicked are like the storm-tossed sea,
whose restless waves are never still,
stirring up mud and mire.
21There is no peace # 57:21 Or “well-being” or “prosperity.” for the wicked,” says my God.

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