Amos 2

Amos 2

1The Lord says:
I will not relent from punishing Moab#Is 15–16; Jr 48; Ezk 25:8–11
for three crimes, even four,
because he burned the bones
of the king of Edom to lime.#Lv 20:14; 21:9
2Therefore, I will send fire against Moab,
and it will consume the citadels of Kerioth.#Jr 48:24,41
Moab will die with a tumult,#Jr 48:45
with shouting and the sound of the ram’s horn.
3I will cut off the judge#Ps 2:10; 141:6 from the land
and kill all its officials#Jb 12:21; Is 40:23 with him.
The Lord has spoken.
Judgment on Judah
4The Lord says:
I will not relent from punishing Judah#2Kg 17:19; Hs 2:12; Am 3:2
for three crimes, even four,
because they have rejected the instruction of the Lord#Jdg 2:17–20; 2Kg 22:11–17; Jr 6:19; 8:9
and have not kept his statutes.#Jr 44:10; Ezk 5:7
The lies#Is 9:15–16; Jr 11:10–13; 23:14,21–22 that their ancestors followed#Jr 9:14; 16:11–12; Ezk 20:18,24,30
have led them astray.
5Therefore, I will send fire#Jr 17:27; 21:10 against Judah,
and it will consume the citadels of Jerusalem.
Judgment on Israel
6The Lord says:
I will not relent from punishing Israel#2Kg 18:12
for three crimes, even four,
because they sell a righteous person for silver
and a needy person for a pair of sandals.#Dt 16:18–20; Am 5:12; 8:6
7They trample the heads of the poor#Am 5:11; 8:4; Mc 2:2,9
on the dust of the ground
and obstruct the path of the needy.#Jb 24:4
A man and his father have sexual relations
with the same girl,#Hs 4:14
profaning my holy name.#Lv 18:21; Pr 30:9; Ezk 36:20–23
8They stretch out beside every altar#Am 3:14
on garments taken as collateral,#Ex 22:26
and in the house of their God
they drink wine obtained through fines.#Am 4:1; 6:6
9Yet I destroyed the Amorite#Jos 10:12 as Israel advanced;
his height#Nm 13:28–33 was like the cedars,
and he was as sturdy as the oaks;
I destroyed his fruit#Ezk 17:9; Mal 4:1 above and his roots beneath.
10And I brought you from the land of Egypt#Ex 20:2; Am 3:1; 9:7
and led you forty years in the wilderness#Dt 2:7
in order to possess the land of the Amorite.#Nm 21:25
11I raised up some of your sons as prophets#Dt 18:18–19; Jr 1:4–5; Am 7:14–15
and some of your young men as Nazirites.#Nm 6:1–21; Jdg 13:2–5; 1Sm 1:11
Is this not the case, Israelites?
This is the Lord’s declaration.
12But you made the Nazirites drink wine
and commanded the prophets,
“Do not prophesy.”#Jr 11:21; Am 7:13,16
13Look, I am about to crush#2:13 Or hinder; Hb obscure you in your place#Jl 3:13
as a wagon crushes when full of grain.
14Escape will fail the swift,#Is 30:16–17
the strong one will not maintain his strength,#Jr 9:23
and the warrior will not save his life.
15The archer will not stand his ground,#Jr 51:56; Ezk 39:3
the one who is swift of foot
will not save himself,
and the one riding a horse will not save his life.#Is 31:3
16Even the most courageous of the warriors
will flee naked on that day#Jdg 4:17  —
this is the Lord’s declaration.

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