Tehillim (Psa) 87
1A psalm of the sons of Korach. A song:
On the holy mountains is [the city’s] foundation.
2Adonai loves the gates of Tziyon
more than all the dwellings in Ya‘akov.
3Glorious things are said about you,
city of God. (Selah)
4I count Rahav and Bavel
among those who know me;
Of P’leshet, Tzor and Ethiopia [they will say],
“This one was born there.”
5But of Tziyon it will be said,
“This one and that was born in it,
for the Most High himself establishes it.”
6When he registers the peoples, Adonai will record,
“This one was born there.” (Selah)
7Singers and dancers alike say,
“For me, you are the source of everything.”
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