Tehillim (Psa) 103
1By David:
Bless Adonai, my soul!
Everything in me, bless his holy name!
2Bless Adonai, my soul,
and forget none of his benefits!
3He forgives all your offenses,
he heals all your diseases,
4he redeems your life from the pit,
he surrounds you with grace and compassion,
5he contents you with good as long as you live,
so that your youth is renewed like an eagle’s.
6Adonai brings vindication and justice
to all who are oppressed.
7He made his ways known to Moshe,
his mighty deeds to the people of Isra’el.
8Adonai is merciful and compassionate,
slow to anger and rich in grace.
9He will not always accuse,
he will not keep his anger forever.
10He has not treated us as our sins deserve
or paid us back for our offenses,
11because his mercy toward those who fear him
is as far above earth as heaven.
12He has removed our sins from us
as far as the east is from the west.
13Just as a father has compassion on his children,
Adonai has compassion on those who fear him.
14For he understands how we are made,
he remembers that we are dust.
15Yes, a human being’s days are like grass,
he sprouts like a flower in the countryside —
16but when the wind sweeps over, it’s gone;
and its place knows it no more.
17But the mercy of Adonai on those who fear him
is from eternity past to eternity future,
and his righteousness extends
to his children’s children,
18provided they keep his covenant
and remember to follow his precepts.
19Adonai has established his throne in heaven;
his kingly power rules everything.
20Bless Adonai, you angels of his,
you mighty warriors who obey his word,
who carry out his orders!
21Bless Adonai, all his troops,
who serve him and do what he wants!
22Bless Adonai, all his works,
in every place where he rules!
Bless Adonai, my soul!
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