Psalms 94

Psalms 94

God Will Pay Back His Enemies
1The Lord is a God who punishes.
God, show your greatness and punish!
2Rise up, Judge of the earth,
and give the proud what they deserve.
3How long will the wicked be happy?
How long, Lord?
4They are full of proud words;
those who do evil brag about what they have done.
5Lord, they crush your people
and make your children suffer.
6They kill widows and foreigners
and murder orphans.
7They say, “The Lord doesn’t see;
the God of Jacob doesn’t notice.”
8You stupid ones among the people, pay attention.
You fools, when will you understand?
9Can’t the creator of ears hear?
Can’t the maker of eyes see?
10Won’t the one who corrects nations punish you?
Doesn’t the teacher of people know everything?
11The Lord knows what people think.
He knows their thoughts are just a puff of wind.
12Lord, those you correct are happy;
you teach them from your law.
13You give them rest from times of trouble
until a pit is dug for the wicked.
14The Lord won’t leave his people
nor give up his children.
15Judgment will again be fair,
and all who are honest will follow it.
16Who will help me fight against the wicked?
Who will stand with me against those who do evil?
17If the Lord had not helped me,
I would have died in a minute.
18I said, “I am about to fall,”
but, Lord, your love kept me safe.
19I was very worried,
but you comforted me and made me happy.
20Crooked leaders cannot be your friends.
They use the law to cause suffering.
21They join forces against people who do right
and sentence to death the innocent.
22But the Lord is my defender;
my God is the rock of my protection.
23God will pay them back for their sins
and will destroy them for their evil.
The Lord our God will destroy them.

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