Psalms 82

A Cry for Justice
A psalm of Asaph.
1God is in charge of the great meeting;
he judges among the “gods.”
2He says, “How long will you defend evil people?
How long will you show greater kindness to the wicked?Selah
3Defend the weak and the orphans;
defend the rights of the poor and suffering.
4Save the weak and helpless;
free them from the power of the wicked.
5“You know nothing. You don’t understand.
You walk in the dark,
while the world is falling apart.
6I said, ‘You are “gods.”
You are all sons of God Most High.’
7But you will die like any other person;
you will fall like all the leaders.”
8God, come and judge the earth,
because you own all the nations.

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