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Psalms 40

Praise and Prayer for Help
For the director of music. A psalm of David.
1I waited patiently for the Lord.
He turned to me and heard my cry.
2He lifted me out of the pit of destruction,
out of the sticky mud.
He stood me on a rock
and made my feet steady.
3He put a new song in my mouth,
a song of praise to our God.
Many people will see this and worship him.
Then they will trust the Lord.
4Happy is the person
who trusts the Lord,
who doesn’t turn to those who are proud
or to those who worship false gods.
5Lord my God, you have done many miracles.
Your plans for us are many.
If I tried to tell them all,
there would be too many to count.
6You do not want sacrifices and offerings.
But you have made a hole in my ear
to show that my body and life are yours.
You do not ask for burnt offerings
and sacrifices to take away sins.
7Then I said, “Look, I have come.
It is written about me in the book.
8My God, I want to do what you want.
Your teachings are in my heart.”
9I will tell about your goodness in the great meeting of your people.
Lord, you know my lips are not silent.
10I do not hide your goodness in my heart;
I speak about your loyalty and salvation.
I do not hide your love and truth
from the people in the great meeting.
11Lord, do not hold back your mercy from me;
let your love and truth always protect me.
12Troubles have surrounded me;
there are too many to count.
My sins have caught me
so that I cannot see a way to escape.
I have more sins than hairs on my head,
and I have lost my courage.
13Please, Lord, save me.
Hurry, Lord, to help me.
14People are trying to kill me.
Shame them and disgrace them.
People want to hurt me.
Let them run away in disgrace.
15People are making fun of me.
Let them be shamed into silence.
16But let those who follow you
be happy and glad.
They love you for saving them.
May they always say, “Praise the Lord!”
17Lord, because I am poor and helpless,
please remember me.
You are my helper and savior.
My God, do not wait.

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