Proverbs 25

More Wise Sayings of Solomon
1These are more wise sayings of Solomon, copied by the men of Hezekiah king of Judah.
2God is honored for what he keeps secret.
Kings are honored for what they can discover.
3No one can measure the height of the skies or the depth of the earth.
So also no one can understand the mind of a king.
4Remove the scum from the silver,
so the silver can be used by the silversmith.
5Remove wicked people from the king’s presence;
then his government will be honest and last a long time.
6Don’t brag to the king
and act as if you are great.
7It is better for him to give you a higher position
than to bring you down in front of the prince.
Because of something you have seen,
8do not quickly take someone to court.
What will you do later
when your neighbor proves you wrong?
9If you have an argument with your neighbor,
don’t tell other people what was said.
10Whoever hears it might shame you,
and you might not ever be respected again.
11The right word spoken at the right time
is as beautiful as gold apples in a silver bowl.
12A wise warning to someone who will listen
is as valuable as gold earrings or fine gold jewelry.
13Trustworthy messengers refresh those who send them,
like the coolness of snow in the summertime.
14People who brag about gifts they never give
are like clouds and wind that give no rain.
15With patience you can convince a ruler,
and a gentle word can get through to the hard-headed.
16If you find honey, don’t eat too much,
or it will make you throw up.
17Don’t go to your neighbor’s house too often;
too much of you will make him hate you.
18When you lie about your neighbors,
it hurts them as much as a club, a sword, or a sharp arrow.
19Trusting unfaithful people when you are in trouble
is like eating with a broken tooth or walking with a crippled foot.
20Singing songs to someone who is sad
is like taking away his coat on a cold day
or pouring vinegar on soda.
21If your enemy is hungry, feed him.
If he is thirsty, give him a drink.
22Doing this will be like pouring burning coals on his head,
and the Lord will reward you.
23As the north wind brings rain,
telling gossip brings angry looks.
24It is better to live in a corner on the roof
than inside the house with a quarreling wife.
25Good news from a faraway place
is like a cool drink when you are tired.
26A good person who gives in to evil
is like a muddy spring or a dirty well.
27It is not good to eat too much honey,
nor does it bring you honor to brag about yourself.
28Those who do not control themselves
are like a city whose walls are broken down.

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