Job 26

Job 26

Job Answers Bildad
1Then Job answered:
2“You are no help to the helpless!
You have not aided the weak!
3Your advice lacks wisdom!
You have shown little understanding!
4Who has helped you say these words?
And where did you get these ideas?
5“The spirits of the dead tremble,
those who are beneath and in the waters.
6Death is naked before God;
destruction is uncovered before him.
7God stretches the northern sky out over empty space
and hangs the earth on nothing.
8He wraps up the waters in his thick clouds,
but the clouds do not break under their weight.
9He covers the face of the moon,
spreading his clouds over it.
10He draws the horizon like a circle on the water
at the place where light and darkness meet.
11Heaven’s foundations shake
when he thunders at them.
12With his power he quiets the sea;
by his wisdom he destroys Rahab, the sea monster.
13He breathes, and the sky clears.
His hand stabs the fleeing snake.
14And these are only a small part of God’s works.
We only hear a small whisper of him.
Who could understand God’s thundering power?”

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