Isaiah 34

Isaiah 34

God Will Punish His Enemies
1All you nations, come near and listen.
Pay attention, you peoples!
The earth and all the people in it should listen,
the world and everything in it.
2The Lord is angry with all the nations;
he is angry with their armies.
He will destroy them and kill them all.
3Their bodies will be thrown outside.
The stink will rise from the bodies,
and the blood will flow down the mountains.
4The sun, moon, and stars will dissolve,
and the sky will be rolled up like a scroll.
The stars will fall
like dead leaves from a vine
or dried-up figs from a fig tree.
5The Lord’s sword in the sky is covered with blood.
It will cut through Edom
and destroy those people as an offering to the Lord.
6The Lord’s sword will be covered with blood;
it will be covered with fat,
with the blood from lambs and goats,
with the fat from the kidneys of sheep.
This is because the Lord decided there will be a sacrifice in Bozrah
and much killing in Edom.
7The oxen will be killed,
and the cattle and the strong bulls.
The land will be filled with their blood,
and the dirt will be covered with their fat.
8The Lord has chosen a time for punishment.
He has chosen a year when people must pay for the wrongs they did to Jerusalem.
9Edom’s rivers will be like hot tar.
Its dirt will be like burning sulfur.
Its land will be like burning tar.
10The fires will burn night and day;
the smoke will rise from Edom forever.
Year after year that land will be empty;
no one will ever travel through that land again.
11Birds and small animals will own that land,
and owls and ravens will live there.
God will make it an empty wasteland;
it will have nothing left in it.
12The important people will have no one left to rule them;
the leaders will all be gone.
13Thorns will take over the strong towers,
and wild bushes will grow in the walled cities.
It will be a home for wild dogs
and a place for owls to live.
14Desert animals will live with the hyenas,
and wild goats will call to their friends.
Night animals will live there
and find a place of rest.
15Owls will nest there and lay eggs.
When they hatch open, the owls will gather their young under their wings.
Hawks will gather
with their own kind.
16Look at the Lord’s scroll and read what is written there:
None of these will be missing;
none will be without its mate.
God has given the command,
so his Spirit will gather them together.
17God has divided the land among them,
and he has given them each their portion.
So they will own that land forever
and will live there year after year.

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