How To Read The Bible

The Bible is a very long book that tells a story with complex layers of plots and subplots, and it’s written in a variety of ancient literary styles. All of these factors make the Bible a formidable and often frustrating book for modern readers, including religious readers. And yet, the Bible still has a magnetic draw in our culture which motivates people to overcome these hurdles and attempt to understand what the Bible is all about. This series will explore the origins, content, and purpose of the Bible, and it will introduce people to some of the basic skills necessary for reading the Bible effectively. The first few videos will provide an overview of where the Bible came from and what its storyline is all about. After this introduction, the rest of the series will explore all the various kinds of ancient literature found in the Bible and will offer practical skills for reading them with greater understanding. The How to Read the Bible series assumes no previous knowledge about the Bible, and is an ideal way to introduce people to the Bible for the first time. It’s also aimed at people who are familiar with the Bible but haven’t yet learned how it communicates as a piece of literature.

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