Hơdrôm Hră Rơgoh Hiam Hơnơ̆ng Đăr 2014 (JBSV14)


Read Version: Hơdrôm Hră Rơgoh Hiam Hơnơ̆ng Đăr 2014

Hră Pơblang Hơdrôm Hră Rơgoh Hiam Tơlơi Jơrai jing sa Hơdrôm Hră pơblang phrâo abih bang mơ̆ng khul tơlơi pơhiăp phŭn (Hêbrơ, Aramit, laih anŭn Grek). Ñu pơrơđah tơlơi kiăng laĭ hăng djă pioh hơdră pơrơđah tơlơi pơhiăp phŭn. Anai jing hră pơblang djơ̆ hăng amuñ đŏk biă mă yơh, laih anŭn ăt pơdjơ̆ hăng tơlơi pơhiăp tơlơi Jơrai rơnŭk anai, laih anŭn ăt pơdjơ̆ hăng hơdră kơƀah kiăng tal pơhrăm tơlơi Jơrai phara. Hră Pơblang Yang Đar Hơdrôm Hră Rơgoh Hiam Tơlơi Jơrai tŭ pơblang yua mơ̆ng pô pơblang tơlơi Jơrai pô hrŏm hăng tơlơi djru yom pơphan mơ̆ng ƀing rơgơi pơblang Hơdrôm Hră Rơgoh Hiam Wycliffe hăng ƀing thâo hluh tơlơi pơhiăp, ăt tŭ yua mơ̆ng hơdră hơdraĭ rơnŭk anai mơ̆n.

The Jơrai Bible Standard Version is an all-new Jơrai Bible translation. It was translated from the original biblical languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek), and faithfully expresses the closest meaning of the original languages in modern Jơrai. This is the most accurate and readable Jơrai version available today, meeting the needs of Jơrai speakers at different educational levels. The Jơrai Bible Standard Version is translated by a mother-tongue translator, in consultation with linguistic experts and translation scholars from Wycliffe Bible Translators, and takes advantage of the most up-to-date technology.


Jơrai Bible Association

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Hơdrôm Hră Rơgoh Hiam Hơnơ̆ng Đăr 2014

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