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Romanised Sudanese Arabic New Testament

Kitaab al Vahd aj Jadid (New Testament) was translated by into Sudanese Arabic and published in romanised Latin script. It is in the Sudanese dialect of Arabic known as Sudanese spoken. The publication includes an introduction, section headings, and footnotes. It was translated by Barbara Harper and Evelyn Stewart and published by Bible Alliance Mission in 1978 which is now part of Serving in Mission (SIM). The New Testament called Kitaab al Vahd aj Jadid min al Kitaab al Mugaddas included a transliteration table called Al Ḥuruuf to show the relationship between Latin and Arabic letters, and a glossary of terms called Gaamuus. This was the first New Testament in Sudanese Arabic, although there was a Gospel of Mark published as called Ingīl Marqus in 1927.

Digital Edition

The New Testament was digitised for SIM with the help of MissionAssist in 2022, from an original copy a the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) archives.

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