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The Kieli kitap (Holy Book) is God’s Word, mankind’s exceedingly precious heritage. In the whole world, believers in the Most High God revere its Holy Writings and regard them as His sacred revelations. In the course of history, the Bible has directly or through other books exerted great influence on literature and science, our laws, customs and traditions. We are sincerely grateful to the Creator Lord that He has given us the privilege to read His Holy Scriptures in our mother tongues and become closely familiar with its beneficial content.

Through the Holy Scriptures we learn about the character of the Most High, about the vast universe that He created, and about His merciful intentions for mankind. Those who put their faith in Isa the Messiah, who was sent to the earth by the Most High, and live according to His will as it is laid out in His Holy Book, become spiritually new persons. Their character and behavior are being cleansed from evil traits and thoughts. Such people are a great asset for their country and nation.

This app also includes the following study tools:

- Glossary (explanation) of important Biblical terms,

- Concordance (collection of phrases from about 30000 Bible verses under 3540 head words and phrases),

- 15 chronological and topical tables.

May God Almighty bless our whole nation and guide us to thoroughly study His Holy Book and receive its beneficial teaching! Amen.

On the internet, the Kazakh Bible can be found on this website:

Orta Asia Baspasy


Other Versions by Orta Asia Baspasy

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