Ang Biblia, 2001 (ABTAG01)

Filipino [Tagalog]

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The new Ang Biblia (AB) is the latest revision of the Holy Bible in the Tagalog language. 

In 1902, the American Bible Society (ABS) and British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) published the first-ever New Testament in Tagalog. Not long after, the whole Bible was printed in 1905. The translation was called the Ang Biblia. This version was patronized by users of the Tagalog language for a long time. 

Like the first Ang Biblia, this revision is a formal translation. This means that the translators strived to faithfully reflect the form of the original biblical languages into Tagalog, insofar as its grammar and syntax allow. The Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia was used as basis for the translation of the Old Testament for this revision. Although the Greek text of Westcott-Hort of 1881 was used for the New Testament of the first Ang Biblia, the translators of this revision used the 4th edition of the United Bible Societies's Greek New Testament.


Philippine Bible Society

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