Don’t Feed Greed


Serve God with your money.

Money is exciting! You can buy stuff with it, have fun with it, or save it up. But the most important thing about money is serving and worshipping God with it. Wait—does that mean we have to sing and dance around for God while we hold a bunch of money?

No way! The Bible teaches us how to serve God and worship Him with our money. It helps us know how to give, save, and spend our money responsibly.

The first part of giving is to tithe. We serve God with money when we give Him our first and our best. Do that by giving your church 10 percent of the money you get. That means for every $10 you get, $1 is for God. God blesses the leftover money so you can give some, save some, and spend some honestly.

When you read the Bible verses from the book of Proverbs today, see if you can figure out what God is teaching us about giving, saving, and spending our money! 

Talk It Over: What did you learn from each Bible verse you read today? How can you help yourself love God more than money? If you had $20, how much would your tithe be? How can you give a tithe to your church?