Don’t Feed Greed


Serve God with your money.

Having money is not bad. Serving money instead of serving God is.

When you serve money, money is more important to you than God. That leads to some bad attitudes. You might act greedy, selfish, dishonest, ungrateful, and worried you’ll never get enough!

When you serve God with your money, you remember money comes from God. He’s the one taking care of us, not money! That leads to some good attitudes. You can be grateful, generous, peaceful, and excited to give the money you have to others!

Practice serving God with your money. Give, Save, and Spend honestly.

Give: First, always give a tithe to God to thank Him and worship Him. Give others some money without expecting anything back.

Save: When you get money, keep some for later. This helps you buy the big stuff you don’t already have enough money for, and it also helps you have more money to give when people need it.

Spend: It’s good to spend money on things you need and want if you already gave some and saved some!

Watch the video and go on a Treasure Hunt to help you memorize Matthew 6:24. It will help you remember that giving, saving, and spending money honestly serves God!

Treasure Hunt

  1. Get a piece of paper, some scissors, and something to write with.
  2. Write the whole verse for Matthew 6:24 on the paper. Leave big spaces in between each word.
  3. Cut the words apart with scissors and hide them around the room.
  4. Ask family or friends to look for all the words and put them back together in order.


Talk It Over: If you had $10,000 dollars, what would you do with it? What will help you serve God with your money? How does giving a tithe to God help you to serve God instead of money?