Don’t Feed Greed


Be grateful for all God gives.

Maybe you think you need to get the things you want to be grateful, like a present you asked for, friends to play with, or a new pair of shoes.

But in the Bible, God asks us to be grateful no matter what happens. Even when things are going terribly. Even when you or someone you love is sick. Even if one of your parents loses their job. Even if you don’t get the present you really wanted.

We always have something to be grateful for because we believe in Jesus. We have a heavenly Father who loves us and cares for us. We have God’s forgiveness and friendship.

When you follow Jesus, think about everything you have to be grateful for and give God thanks for them when good things are happening—and even when bad things are happening.

Watch the video and play Back and Forth to help you memorize 1 Thessalonians 5:18. Remember that because of Jesus, we have a reason to give thanks every day.

Back and Forth

  1. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:18 out loud with a friend.
  2. Say the first word of the verse.
  3. Let your friend say the next word.
  4. Repeat, taking turns for each word until you’ve said the whole verse.
  5. See how fast you can say the verse with your friend!


Talk It Over: What are some of the things you’re grateful for? What do you think makes someone more grateful: getting everything they want or being thankful for what they have? What makes some people more grateful than others?