Don’t Feed Greed


Giving to others who can’t repay you is a gift to Jesus.

Gift giving goes hand-in-hand with Christmas! You might make a list of the things you want people to give to you, or you might search for the perfect thing to give to someone else.

But the gift God gave us is different from any other gift. He gave us His only Son to show us how to live for Him, to save us from our sins, and to make us a part of God’s family. God knows it’s a gift we can’t repay.

But we can accept the gift of Jesus and give His love to others. The people around us will see God’s love and learn about His amazing gift. And you know what’s the best? Showing God’s love isn’t a gift we can only give on Christmas. We can celebrate Jesus by giving every day of the year without expecting anything in return!

Talk It Over: Talk about how Jesus is like a Christmas present. How can you accept God’s gift of Jesus? What do you think it means to believe in and follow Jesus?