Don’t Feed Greed


Giving to others who can’t repay you is a gift to Jesus.

Jesus said that doing something kind for someone who can’t pay you back or do anything in return is like doing that kind thing for Him.

Jesus remembers every gift we give to Him. When we feed someone who’s hungry, make friends with someone who doesn’t have friends, give clothes to someone who needs some, visit or take care of a person who’s sick, and visit people in prison or in jail, Jesus remembers.

The Bible tells us that one day Jesus will sit on his throne with all the angels around Him. He’ll reward those who were kind to people who couldn’t pay them back. They’ll be blessed by God and welcomed into His kingdom!

Talk It Over: Talk about ways you can give to others who can’t pay you back or do something for you in return. How can you remember to give gifts to Jesus year-round?