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Don’t Feed Greedنمونہ

Don’t Feed Greed

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Be grateful for all God gives.

Think about all the money you might get from holidays, allowances, or small jobs you get paid to do. Now imagine using that money to buy super expensive perfume just to pour it on someone’s feet. That’s extreme! 

The gratefulness of Mary’s heart was that extreme! Mary’s gratefulness made her generous, and that’s something we can learn from. When she poured perfume on Jesus’ feet, it did more than honor God—it was good for the people around her. They all got to smell the sweet perfume!

When we’re thankful and happy to have what we have, we can better serve God. It also helps us to be calm and peaceful no matter what’s going on in our lives. People around us will be blessed by our gratefulness, too!

Even when we think we have a little, we actually have a lot!

Talk It Over: What do you think it means to be grateful? How do you think grateful people act? How do you think ungrateful people act?


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Don’t Feed Greed

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