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  • Mark Explained Part 1 | Who Jesus Is

    6 Days 160x160

    Who is Jesus? Philosophy, literature, art, politics - all of them have been profoundly impacted by the life and teaching of this one man. And Christians call him the Son of God. So who is He? Take a journey through Mark's gospel to find out, as Kris Langham walks you through every chapter. Each audio guide provides clear explanation and compelling insight in just minutes a day. Great for small groups!

  • Last Will & Testament: The Last Apostle | John 15:1-17

    6 Days 160x160

    Near the end of his life, John was the last of the living apostles and wrote a story about Jesus. It’s his testimony of who Jesus is, what he said, what he did, and who he claimed to be. Jesus has a story. He invites us to make it our story. When we make Jesus’s story our story, we have life in his name. This plan focuses on Jesus’s final moments and words with his disciples, preparing them for his crucifixion to come. It is Jesus’s last will & testament. This plan focuses on the first half of Jesus's words in John 15 and is part of an ongoing series.

  • The Gospel of Mark (Part One)

    15 Days 160x160

    Who is Jesus? It’s a question people have been wrestling with for 2,000 years with an answer that has the power to change your life forever. In part one of a seven-part devotional journey through the Gospel of Mark, we’ll examine Mark 1:1–2:17. Discover why it was said of Jesus, “We have never seen anything like this.”

  • 1 Corinthians With Mark Dever: When Church Hurts

    5 Days 160x160

    The Corinthian church—perhaps like ours—was struggling with division, immaturity and immorality. The apostle Paul pulls no punches, but points them to the cross; because “to us who are being saved it is the power of God”. This is a free sample of Explore daily Bible reading notes, published by The Good Book Company.

  • One: Praying With Jesus That the World May Believe

    7 Days 160x160

    What would it look like to be part of the answer to this prayer of Jesus in our generation: "that they all may be one"? What can we do to be one with God and each other? Join this seven-day devotion led by YMCA pastors as they explore what the prayer in John 17:20-26 can mean for us today so that the world may believe and know God's love.

  • 1,000,000 Chapters – Part 4

    40 Days 160x160

    This is the fourth part of Parkview Christian Church’s series to read through 1,000,000 chapters of the Bible together. There is nothing that equips or invites the Church to live like Jesus more than reading the Bible. The pages of the Bible capture God’s story and lead those who dare to read it to live out His story for today. That’s why Parkview is making the challenge to our church to collectively read 1,000,000 chapters of the Bible together.  Will you join us on the journey?

  • 21 Days Prayer & Fasting "Alive in Clarity"

    21 Days 160x160

    1. To obtain knowledge, understanding and wisdom from God for the coming year (Daniel 1:17) 2. To dedicate everything we do at the beginning of the year unto Him alone 3. To discipline our flesh and strengthen our spiritual life

  • Daily New Testament - Quarter 3

    91 Days 160x160

    This is the third quarter of a plan to read the entire New Testament in one year. One Gospel is included in each quarter. Weekends can be used to reflect on or memorize a key verse. Notes are also included to assist with understanding.  

  • Here and Now

    4 Days 160x160

    We are placed here and now for a reason. According to Acts 17:26-27, God marked out our time and place in history so that we could point others to Him. Paul shows how we should interact with nonbelievers in order to make the most of our proximity to others and introduce people to Him.

  • Genesis Explained Part 4 | One Extraordinary Life

    14 Days 160x160

    The story of Joseph is one of the greatest epics in all antiquity. It is the saga of one extraordinary life - sold into slavery at 17, falsely accused and forgotten in jail, but never once forgotten by God. Follow the grand drama with audio guides by Through the Word, as Kris Langham provides clear explanation and compelling insight in just a few minutes each day. Covers Genesis 37-50.

  • Biblical Success - Running Our Race - the "D" Vine Strategy

    5 Days 160x160

    This study will focus on John 15:1-17 and Jesus' use of the Gardner, Vine, and how branches in a vineyard relate to our lives as Christ-followers and disciples in the context of our lives in the world with some emphasis on abiding and fruit-bearing.

  • In But Not Of: Here, But Not Home—Part 1

    5 days 160x160

    As believers, we live in the tension of the hope that is coming and the reality of the present. This tension is summed up in the longest recorded prayer of Jesus in John 17 as He prays to God over His disciples and all believers to live in this tension in such a way that brings glory, honor, and understanding to His name. Part 1.

  • The Glorious Gospel for Sport

    6 Days 160x160

    Romans 1:16-17 gives us the basics of the gospel and the glorious truths which empower us to live for Jesus and speak of Jesus in the world of sport.

  • Remaining in Christ

    5 Days 160x160

    The expression, remaining in Christ, has frequently been misunderstood by Bible readers, as though it were a special, mystical, and indefinable experience. But in John 15:1-17, Christ helps us to understand that remaining in Him is not such a mystical and indefinable experience after all. In this passage, first, Christ helps us to understand what it means to remain in Him. Second, Christ helps us to understand the methods that strengthen our remaining in Him. Third, Christ describes three ways in which our lives are marked by our remaining in Him.

  • Jesus Revealed Pt. 17 - Abandoned - Really?

    6 days 160x160

    At one point in our lives, we've all experienced the feeling of being abandoned, left out or betrayed. When people close to us are the ones that inflict these feelings, it’s even harder to overcome. In Plan 17 we see Jesus betrayed by those closest to Him. The different ways in which Jesus and those who betrayed Him responded gives us insight into different ways in which we may respond.

  • Connection with God

    7 Days 160x160

    As believers, we have the great privilege of living a life of constant, moment by moment connection with the Lord. In this 7 day devotional we will reflect on John 15:1-17 and explore some of the ways we can grow in this most precious relationship we have with Him.

  • BibleProject | The Crucified King

    9 Days 160x160

    The Gospel of Mark is an eye-witness account from one of the closest followers of Jesus. In this nine-day plan, you’ll see how Mark has carefully crafted his story to show that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah who has come to bring God’s kingdom.

  • Intimacy With Jesus: Staying Connected To The Vine

    7 Days 160x160

    This is a seven-day plan that focuses on chapter 15 of the book of John, verses 1-17. This plan was written with the intent to highlight the beauty of staying connected to the Vine that is Jesus and the promises that come will come to fruition in our lives as we walk in an intimate relationship with Him.

  • Watermark Gospel | David & Goliath

    3 Days 160x160

    What can we learn about Jesus from the story of David & Goliath? The Bible metaphorically portrays Goliath as a giant serpent, who comes to battle against David, a royal shepherd from the little town of Bethlehem. In this lesson, find out how David's famous victory over Goliath was a preview of Jesus' even greater victory over Satan, the serpent of old!

  • Jesus in All of Mark - A Video Devotional

    13 Days 160x160

    Mark is all about Jesus! This 13-day plan will walk you through the book of Mark by reading only 1-2 chapters a day. Each day is accompanied by a short devotional and video that explains what’s happening and shows you how each part of the story points to Jesus and his Gospel.

  • Mark Explained Part 2 | Sent Out

    6 Days 160x160

    Who is Jesus? Philosophy, literature, art, politics -- all of them have been profoundly impacted by the life and teaching of this one man. And Christians call him Savior -- the Son of God. Jesus is by any estimation one of the most influential figures in human history. So who is He? We’re here in Mark -- to find out what the Bible says about it.

  • Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2023

    8 Days 160x160

    The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is a yearly reminder of Jesus’ prayer for his disciples that “they may be one so that the world may believe” (see John 17.21). The theme of this year is, “Do good; seek justice (Isaiah 1:17).” was prepared by The Minnesota Council of Churches, based in the USA. Join our journey of prayer! To reflect beyond the confessional divisions that exist among Christians.

  • Finding the Light in Mental Illness

    7 Days 160x160

    Finding The Light in Mental Illness takes a deeper look into the ministry of Jesus through a study of Mark 1:21-34. Find Biblical truth in three minutes a day for one week in this study on Mental Illness.

  • The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry

    5 Days 160x160

    Hurry doesn’t just make you weary. It is the great enemy of your spiritual life. In The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, John Mark Comer provides four down-to-earth practices for staying emotionally healthy and spiritually alive: 1) Silence and solitude, 2) Sabbath, 3) simplicity, and 4) slowing. It’s the unhurried Way of Jesus.

  • Together in Scripture | The Crucified King

    9 Days 160x160

    The Gospel of Mark is an eye-witness account from one of the closest followers of Jesus. In this nine-day plan, you’ll see how Mark has carefully crafted his story to show that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah who has come to bring God’s kingdom.