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  • Prayer

    5 Days 160x160

    Because of what Jesus did for us, we are connected with God and are free to go to him in prayer anytime with anything. This video series is all about that amazing gift of prayer and how you can use it in your life.

  • Unhindered Prayer

    5 Days 160x160

    We know a thriving prayer life is important, but here we find ourselves again, struggling with what we’re told should be a basic conversation. We’ve turned off the phone and hopped out of bed . . . but the internal noise can still interrupt even the best intentions. In this five-day devotional, examine what might be holding you back from being a confident and consistent prayer warrior.

  • Prayer Matters

    5 Days 160x160

    Does prayer really make a difference? Can we really alter the outcome of situations and circumstances through prayer? Someone once said that prayer doesn’t change things; it only changes the person praying, but this is contrary to Scripture. Prayer does change situations because God has made us partners with Him for the fulfillment of His purposes on earth.

  • Prayer Killers

    6 Days 160x160

    God invites us to pray to him; it’s a wonderful blessing to be able to talk directly to our Father in heaven. But oftentimes, we let things get in the way of our prayer time. This devotional reading plan presents some common prayer killers and gives you practical advice for how to overcome them so you can spend time with your God in prayer.

  • Lord's Prayer

    10 Days 160x160

    God not only gives us the blessing of prayer, but he also teaches us to pray. In this video series, look at the blessings that God gives us through the Lord's Prayer.

  • Breakthrough Prayer

    10 Days 160x160

    Prayer is a place. A secret place in the Spirit. A place of divine encounters with our heavenly Father where we express our love for Him, where we welcome His presence, receive His revelation and guidance for our life, and are empowered to serve His purposes on earth. Discover essential keys for Breakthrough Prayer, including how to have your prayers answered according to God's will and Word.

  • Prayer & Perseverance

    6 Days 160x160

    What happens when God’s people pray? How ready are you to stop what you are doing and minister to someone in need? Or to justify the way you live to others? How about when situations are difficult? How do we respond? In this study, we’ll dive into a story in Acts to see how God worked in an unexpected situation and how it applies to us today.

  • Presence-Filled Prayer: Experiencing God in Prayer

    5 Days 160x160

    Plan Overview: 1. Be Honest 2. Talking with God 3. When Your Mind Wanders 4. Learn to Listen 5. Be Still

  • Effective Prayer

    9 Days 160x160

    Haven't we all started a relationship with a word, maybe ignited by a thought or an action? Haven't we also wanted to be heard in a group or in one on one interactions? In this plan, you will be shown how different people in the Bible shared personal relationships with God and therefore approached Him for different reasons. In addition to hearing their prayers, God answered them and blessed their lives, and a new relationship begins with God and so does a new journey with God!

  • Throne Room Prayer

    5 Days 160x160

    Learn to pray with Jesus, not just to him. This is God’s invitation for you to become a prayer partner with Jesus and learn sacred secrets. Expect your eyes to be opened to see into the spiritual realm all around you. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Lift up your voice and watch how God changes you through prayer.

  • Prayer Mistakes

    7 Days 160x160

    Ever wondered why you are not getting the desired result in the place of prayer? In this devotional plan, I will be discussing several prayer mistakes we make and how we can address them. Based on the book – “The Spirit of Prayer: The Believer’s Authority on the Earth.”

  • Prayer That Works

    5 Days 160x160

    What is the best way to ask God for help? Whether you need healing, friends, finances, or something harder to define such as wisdom, how can you pray effectively? God will answer only prayers that correspond to His will, but how can you know for sure what that is? You find out by reading His written Word, the Bible, and praying in faith from God’s promises.

  • Flourish In Prayer

    5 days 160x160

    This five-day reading plan is to help you focus on the beautiful opportunity you have called prayer. Always about relationship, communicating with Jesus is about spending time together, talking and listening, and becoming familiar with God’s character. May your eyes be opened to how profoundly reciprocal this gift is meant to be.

  • Power-Packed Prayer

    5 Days 160x160

    Three-word prayers. Accessing all the power found in prayer can’t get any simpler than that. Discover how this dynamic prayer method can transform your life with David Chadwick’s 5-day study, complete with discussion questions to help you apply each day’s message. God is listening, and whether you need a lifeline, a miracle, or just His peace in your life, three words are often all you need to see that prayer really works!

  • Prayer Basics

    7 Days 160x160

    This is a seven-day Prayer Basics plan based on the Alpha prayer course by Nicky Gumbel and Pete Greig. It is the start of an adventure that will help you grow and deepen your prayer life. It’s an easy and practical journey to understand the power and beauty caught up in the Lord’s prayer, and can even be used as the baseline for a week of fasting.

  • Real Hope: Prayer

    5 Days 160x160

    This plan delves deeper into the purpose and power of prayer in our lives, our hope is that you will develop a stronger connection to our gracious God, that prayer will become a daily necessity in your life, and that your walk with God continues to be strengthened.

  • A Prayer Life

    5 Days 160x160

    Prayer is the breath of life for every believer. We do not just pray because we need something from God, but let's make it a part of the spiritual life of every believer. This devotional will give you an idea of how we can pray in every moment of our lives.

  • The Pilgrim’s Prayer

    4 Days 160x160

    Psalm 121 is perhaps the most read Psalm after Psalm 23. It is a favourite of many Christian saints through the ages. In this short devotional Pastor Christopher considers this familiar Psalm in its original Biblical context and its relevance for the believer today. Join the pilgrim to discover God’s powerful promise to pilgrim’s of faith.

  • Grow in Prayer!

    10 Days 160x160

    Learn more about how to pray, why pray, and the power of prayer. Praying can be hard, making us feel defeated, but instead be challenged to pray more effectively and cultivate your faith. This 10-day plan will encourage you to glean and grow in personal prayer!

  • Prayer That Matters

    6 Days 160x160

    Does God hear me when I pray? Does He even care? The Word of God answers with a resounding “yes”! Learn to pray with confidence prayers that will impact you personally and the world around you. Through this reading plan, prayer will change from religious ritual to an intimate, personal, and powerful conversation between you and your heavenly Father.

  • Next Level: Prayer

    5 Days 160x160

    Prayer is super important. You have probably heard that before. But if you’re honest, how seriously do you take prayer? Do you treat prayer as a shopping list to tell God all the stuff you want? Do you only come to God to complain about all of the things going on in your life? What should prayer look like? How do we take it to the next level?

  • Prayer Changes Me

    5 Days 160x160

    Prayer is vital to every believer. Many of us have been praying since we learned to speak, yet there are times we struggle with prayer, we wonder if we’re doing it right and if it does change anything. In this five-day devotional we will look at the changes that come because of engaging in prayer, and it’s not always what we expect.

  • P.O.E.T.S. Of Prayer

    6 Days 160x160

    Prayer is arguably one of the most important aspects of Christain living. It is our direct access to communication with God. If you have ever questioned whether or not your prayers are effective, this plan is for you. Although there is no right or wrong way to talk to God, the Bible does highlight important things we should include during our time of prayer.

  • Power in Prayer

    8 Days 160x160

    This 8-Day devotional is compiled by Dr. Jason Allen, President of Spurgeon College, from a sermon preached by Charles H. Spurgeon. It speaks upon the essentials of the power of prayer that comes through childlike obedience, childlike reverence, childlike trust, and childlike love.

  • A Powerful Prayer

    5 Days 160x160

    Prayer is the breath of every believer, not just an activity we do when we need something; it should be a part of everyday life. Faith in the Lord will make our prayers powerful. Let's always believe that God can answer our prayers whenever we pray.