Monuments - A 7 Day Devotional By GATEWAY


Open the Heavens 

by Cole Novak 



We all want to experience more of God. We all want to see and be a part of the things He is doing on earth. But what does this look like? How do we get to that place?

Pastor Robert Morris says, “God comes to a prepared atmosphere.” This is apparent throughout Scripture. Many of the stories we read about God moving in miraculous ways are immediately preceded by stories of the people of God preparing the atmosphere for His presence. 

The story of Pentecost in Acts 2 begins with the disciples in a room together “with one accord.” This phrase simply means they were in agreement. They were unified. And it’s in this same atmosphere of unity that God still chooses to move in miraculous ways. When the people of God come together and say with one voice, “Lord, have Your way,” God manifests His presence and does what only He can do.

If we want to experience more of God, all we have to do is welcome Him into our lives and be willing to say “yes” to whatever He wants to do. When we do this, there is no limit to the things He can do in and through us.