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Blessing For Today

Blessing For Today

365 Days

Every day we must know the plans that the Lord has kept in store for our lives. The Lord has given us His word to reveal His plans to us. He reveals His plans through the word of God as we read it with reverence and prayer. When we hear His voice through our meditation of His word our hearts will burn like fire filled with joy (Psalm 39:3). Then as we follow it with proclamation of those words through the power of the Holy Spirit through our prayer, the blessings of that day will come upon us. Not only the blessings, but the grace of God shall come upon us to carry out that day’s work.  We have compiled the Bible passage for you to read as well as the Lord’s revelation for each day. We pray that through this the Lord may give you the grace to be connected to Him throughout this year.

We would like to thank Jesus Calls for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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