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Extraordinary Ordinary!Sample

Extraordinary Ordinary!

DAY 7 OF 31

For thousands of years of recorded history, God has been on an eternal journey to win your heart. And that, my friend, is what makes your life so abundant: His passionate pursuit of all that you are! The love story that began in Paradise culminates when you say, “I do!” You are the main character, the object of eternal love and undying affection in the greatest love story ever told! It is a love story of epic proportions at which angels gasp, so great is their desire to experience the love of the Father for His children. The goodness of God is chasing you down every minute of your life on planet Earth! God never stops doing good to His children. The goodness of God is both eternal and perpetual; it is also not based upon how you act, but upon who He is. He is good and He loves being who He is. We don’t deserve His goodness and yet He is good still. His goodness creates an appetite in us to know Him and to respond to Him. You will never desire more of Him, or even any of Him at all, until you believe with your whole heart that He is entirely good. When you begin to understand how completely and eternally good God is, your heart will then desire to belong to Him completely ... forever and ever. Certainly there will be other events, people, and circumstances that will attempt to divert your attention from His ultimate and total goodness, but these distractions will leave you empty and unsatisfied. There will be other goals, projects, and dreams that demand your attention for moments in time, but ultimately you will understand that the only pursuit in life with any meaning at all is developing a friendship with God. The love and adoration that is cultivated at the center of who you are will add magnificent meaning to every other pursuit in life. When you say a final and resounding, “Yes!” to God you will find there is nothing else in life that is actually worth living for.
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Extraordinary Ordinary!

“Extraordinary Ordinary!” is a challenge to live well and embrace the life you have been given with no regrets. We must each accept responsibility for our own lives with no blame or aspersions cast in the direction of o...


We would like to thank Carol McLeod and Just Joy Ministries for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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