Pilgrims And Foreigners

Pilgrims And Foreigners

8 Days

“Everybody is a stranger - almost everywhere.” This slogan, which became very popular a couple of years ago, reflects a deep biblical truth: as Christians we are strangers in this world, we are travelling through, but this world is not our home. We are on our way to our definite destination: the heavenly mansion that Christ is building for us. Devotional plan provided by the Spanish Evangelical Alliance as a guide for the Week of Prayer 2018 in Europe (EEA)


We would like to thank Samuel Perez Millos, Matthew Leighton, Antonio Ruiz, Raquel Berrocal, Oliver Py, Edith Vilamajó, Samuel Escobar and José Moreno; José Hutter and Israel Montes for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: http://www.europeanea.org/index.php/week-of-prayer/

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