Seasons Of Divorce Volume 1: Seasons Of Loss And Sorrow

Day 5 of 7 • This day’s reading

So how are you feeling this morning? Are you overwhelmed? Depressed? Fearful? All of those things are often part of divorce. You may experience, as I did, rapid mood changes throughout the day, sometimes triggered by things you run across that flood your mind with memories, sometimes triggered by songs on the radio that break your heart, and sometimes for no apparent reason at all. It can feel like you are tied to a yo-yo, spinning out of control as your spirits run up and down relentlessly. Perhaps this is one of those days when you feel like you just can’t do it. Perhaps it is a time when you feel so beat down, that you just don’t think you can go on, like it is too much, too hard, too frightening. It is for moments like those that God offers the promises like the one found in today’s verses. At the moment you feel like you just can’t, that is the time you need to hear that the strength of the Lord is greater than your own, and is available to help you conquer those things you cannot conquer on your own. You don’t need God’s strength, if you can do everything yourself. It is when you face challenges bigger than you think you can handle that God’s strength becomes the key factor, to show you that with God, nothing is too hard.

For some people, and in some times of life, all it takes is a prayer in the morning….”God, give me the strength to get through this hour, this day, this night.” For others, it requires time and again in the course of the day seeking strength from God….”God, help me be able to get dressed for work, help me be able to focus on and complete this task, God, help me even be able to make my kids dinner.”

One thing that happens in these times when you feel so weak is that you have the opportunity to learn how to draw on the strength of the Lord in ways and depths you may never have learned otherwise. God offers His strength. Promises His strength. Gives His strength. To all who seek Him when they need it. Is today a day you especially need it? All you have to do is turn to Him and ask, then go to the tasks with God as your partner.