Falling In Love Again With Your Lord



Psalm 63:1a

So how do you develop a vital and fruitful one-on-one relationship with the Lord that is unique to you and the Lord? One that is full of grace and truth? One that is worthy of the Gospel?

For some of you the idea of spending ten hours a week in quiet time with the Lord may sound impossible, improbable, impractical, or even inappropriate. Maybe you even feel as though it is a bit imposing to suggest such a thing. For others this is just an affirmation and an encouragement. Yesterday I asked where you are in your walk with the Lord. Will you, wherever you are, take this opportunity to deepen your relationship with Him? Will you seek to establish a relationship that exponentially transcends any other relationship?

You may need to begin one step at a time. You may not be able to have all of your quiet time at once, so may I encourage you to take ten minutes in the morning and then pick up where you left off sometime later in the day?

Clearly, "earnestly seeking the Lord" doesn't just happen in your quiet time. Make a special point when you are in your time with Him to take His truth to heart. Then bring it to life moment by moment. As you get up from your time with Him, don't "leave" Him there, walk with Him throughout your day. Abide with Him.

Your assignment today is to set a daily "date" with the Lord that is solely devoted for you to really invest in Him and in this relationship, a time to be alone with just the Lord and His Word. Be specific and sacrificial but also realistic. Choose a time that will work best for you within your stage of life and formulate a plan. Seek after Him earnestly. Give this all you've got and ask Him to give you all the grace you need!

Close your day by reading Matthew 6:25-33. Take these verses to heart and bring them to life by meditating on them throughout your day today.