Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 6

Talk to God

“God, please help me to be bold for you—no matter what!”

Read the Bible

Acts 5.12-29

Jails are made so people cannot escape. But what if...? You will want to read about this great escape for yourself!

People from different towns were coming to Jerusalem to hear the disciples talk about the Lord Jesus Christ. They brought sick people to be healed. God was doing amazing things! Everyone was happy—except the Jewish religious leaders. They were jealous. They had already warned the apostles to stop preaching about Jesus. But, of course, they did not stop. They had to let everybody know about Jesus! They would be bold for God—no matter what!

Think About It

The apostles were arrested and put in jail. But God sent an angel who led them outside of the prison. They were not afraid. They continued to tell everybody about Jesus. Again they were brought to the religious leaders and questioned. Peter boldly explained: “We don’t obey people. We obey God” (verse 29). Jesus had told them they were to be witnesses. Even after being whipped and warned, they continued to bravely obey God. “They never stopped teaching and telling the good news that Jesus is the Messiah” (verse 42b). Will you bravely obey God—even when it is hard?

Apostle—one sent by God with authority.

Messiah—the Savior promised to the Jews; the Christ.

Do Something About It

When your parents, teachers and others in authority tell you to do what is right, you should be quick to obey. But if what they tell you to do goes against God, you need to have courage to obey God.

  • Think of a time when you may have to choose between obeying people and obeying God. Write about that situation here.

  • Where can you find the power to be bold for God? (Think about the words of Acts 1.8.)

  • Ask God to help you to be bold for him—no matter what!

Two people were bold in a very foolish way. They tried to trick God. You can read about them in Acts 5.1-11.