Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 4

Talk to God:

“God, I praise you because you are so powerful!”

Read the Bible

Acts 3.1-10

How can the disciples in today’s story help a man in need?

Only God can make miracles happen. Because of God’s Spirit in them, Peter and John were able to share God’s awesome power with a man who was crippled. When this man was healed, he started to walk and jump, and praise the Lord. He praised God for his amazing power!

Think About It

You can praise God for his amazing power, too! Think about all the things God has done for you. Maybe he made you better when you were sick. Maybe he helped you when you had a test at school. Maybe God showed you how to make new friends, or gave your parent a job. Best of all, Jesus died on the cross to save you from sin. God did that for you! He loves you! Give him the honor. Praise God, for all he does for you.

You can praise God when you pray. You can thank God for his power. You can honor him by telling others that it was God who helped you. When your friends and family hear about all that God has done for you, they might want to ask God to help them, too. Then you can praise God together!

Honor—respect, recognition, reverence.

Do Something About It

  • Make a list of three or more ways God has helped you.

  • Talk to God in prayer. Thank him for all those times he helped you—just because he loves you so much.

  • Now honor God and tell somebody today that it was God who helped you.

When the people saw the man who had been crippled walk, they were amazed! When Peter saw this, he gave honor to God. You can read about this in Acts 3.11-26.