Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 30

Talk to God

“Lord, thank you for speaking to me through the book of Acts! Please let your Word continue to work in my life.”


Review the verses you memorized on this journey:

  • Acts 1.8

  • Acts 4.12

  • Acts 10.34, 35

  • Acts 17.27

  • Acts 27.25

Think About It

Think about the verses you learned on this 30-day journey. Do you have a favorite verse? How did God speak to your heart through his Word?

Do Something About It

Let God’s Word continue to work in your life!

  • Include a verse in your prayer next time you talk to God. Example:
    “Thank you God that you will do exactly what you promised.”

  • Use a verse to tell someone about Jesus. (Acts 4.12 is a good choice.)

  • Say the verses to yourself when you need courage or comfort.

  • Share a verse with another Christian who might need to be encouraged.